Tuesday, July 4, 2017


I came across this very interesting short film entitled SAYAW.  I was intrigued by the title. What seems to be the connection between SAYAW and the couple's love for each other?

SAYAW is part of Sunlife's "SUNSHORTS 2" -- a collection of digital films that shines the light on the value of love, family, friendship, foresight and a positive outlook in life.   

From the description on Sunlife's website of the movie....
Can love truly stand the test of time? Mihk Vergara aims to answer this question in “Sayaw”, which delves into the part of a love story that’s not often explored. When the feelings start to fade and a couple drifts apart, what would it take for them to find their rhythm and rediscover the steps to a dance they used to do so well together?

MrsWise says:

Sayaw presents that love, sometimes fade and couple drifts apart over time.  I agree with this feeling.  Being married for 17 years, I have experienced it several times. Especially during times of struggle and stress.  But you don't succumb to the negative feeling! Marriage is a commitment.  I know that I have to work extra hard for it to work out.  And it needs the commitment of TWO people. Sabi nga... it takes two to tango.  Dalawa para makaSAYAW.

And how do we do it?  Always be patient.  Kahit gigil na gigil ka na sa ginagawa ng asawa mo hahaha.  We share jokes;  Laughter always makes the most problematic situation bearable. We do things together -- minus the teens -- for some quality bonding time.  In our case, quick getaway and food tripping.

The couple in the short film, had to experience a medical emergency before they had to go back to their roots -- of what really makes them happy.  I don't adhere to this.  I also save for the rainy days;  allot money for future emergencies, especially health related;  But I also believe in "living in the present".  In enjoying what life has to offer -- NOW!  In living for the moment. Carpe Diem!  Yes, we still save for the future.  But when we are all unsure of what the future holds, its better to concentrate our energies in the present!  If we can dance now... why should I wait a couple of years more to do it.  If we can travel, dine out, buy a farm, plant trees, invest in properties now... why should we wait for the future?  

But one thing admirable to the couple in the film... they made up for lost time. They were willing to start over again, even if the situation is a bit different now.  And they truly uphold the essence of marriage -- "for better or for worse".  

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