Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Hi there wisey mommas....

I think you will agree when I say, we need to pamper ourselves every once in a while. Imagine a very hectic week spent taking care of your family -- cooking, cleaning, laundry, washing dishes -- oh my, the list is endless, specially for someone like me who have decided to let go of my kasambahay over a decade ago.  The household chores are manageable but not without a little stress along the way.

So how to combat the stress?  Mommy pampering!

Imagine my excitement when I got an invite from TheMommaClub to attend the grand opening of one of Nail It Vertis North.  

>>>  Just a side story: was also excited to check out Vertis North because I was intrigued when it was described as the "first millenial mall in Quezon city"!  Whoa!  Will a GenX'r like me survive in a millenial mall hahaha!  But this is another story....

Ok.  Back to my Nail It experience....

I was impressed with the salon's interior design.  The mixture of violet and white is very soothing to the eyes.  It gives you a glimpse of what you will soon experience -- afforadable luxury at its best!  Another word that comes to mind when I entered... violet and white = elegance.

Nail It is a concept that was established by mother and daughter tandem who love spending time together by having their nails done.  They decided to explore this business since it is one of their passions.  I agree with Ms. Jean Uvero, Nail It CEO that one of the many things that you have to consider when pursuing a business -- you have to really love what you do, and be passionate about it, especially if you decide to go into the "service" business.  To better serve your clients, you should not stop learning new things, traini your staff well and pursue excellence.

(L-R)  Ms. Lot Zerrudo, Ms. Agatha Uvero, Ms. Jean Uvero, Ms Myrna dela Rama
Ms. Lot and Ms. Jean with Mr. Jay Domingo and Mr. Seven Lee of T & J Salon. Nail It has a partnership with T & J Salon.  

For the day, our pampering treat from Nail It was hand spa.  And here are several reasons why you should experience one, and why you should get it at Nail It:

1.  Ms. Anneth, the staff assigned to me made sure, that my accessories were removed and placed in this cute violet pouch bag.

2.  Admit it mommas... your hands are the most overworked part of your body.  So for the day, it was buffed and massaged for several minutes. It was so relaxing  :)


3.  Before the mani sesh, Ms. Anneth showed me the tools that she will be using. Still sealed and fresh from the tool sterilizer.  Thumbs up for this Nail It!  


4.  I love their collection of nail polish.  All imported.  

For all of you mommas out there who are planning to venture into the nail salon business, watch this video as Ms. Lot and Ms. Jean share with you some tips and stories on franchising.

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