Sunday, May 14, 2017


Ever heard of the saying, "When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping?"  Don't get me wrong.... wala po akong pinagdadaanan hahaha!  But I am a firm believer that a momshie has every right to go on a retail therapy, once in a while. 

Why I do it?  One, I have a valid excuse to stroll in the mall and do some walking. What a fun way to exercise huh!  Two, I always want to be updated with latest trends when it comes to home decorating and furniture.  Home and furniture sections of department stores are my happy places on earth  :)   Third, hey Mother's Day is just around the corner. Isn't it a valid reason to shop... to reward myself for this 24-7-round-the-clock-career that I have?

If my reasons aren't enough... here are other justifications why retail therapy works


With the teens out of school, and the days getting hotter, WISE mom like me focus my energy on my humble abode.  You should too!  Here are my WISE suggestions for appliances you might consider buying:

1.  Focus on heat generated by summer.  Equip your homes with electric fans that will help you keep refreshed all day long.  

For an added cooling effect, fill a large metal mixing bowl with ice and put it in front of the fan.  A budget friendly alternative to airconditioning units. 

2.  If your budget permits, go ahead and buy an aircon. Just remember to buy something that is properly sized for the room, to maximize the unit's power.   

3.  Why not invest on a personal ref. Where you can store your favorite beverages to keep your body hudrated, even in the comforts of our own room.   

4.   Speaking of hydration -- make it a healthy one.  Make your own summer fruit shakes and smoothies -- using a blender, juicer or blending jar that doubles as a serving jar or water bottle.  

And where do I shop for these affordable summer appliances?  Where else but in Metro Department Store!  

What is more exciting for a WISE mom like me?  Metro Department Store has an ongoing appliances sale.   Momshies... this is simply the right time to shop.  Or shall I say... hubbies, go treat your wives well and buy them something :)

I know you would want to ask me, Mrs.Wise what I got for myself because I was bitten by the shopping bug at Metro Department Store UPTown Center Branch?  Just watch this!

There's really something for you at the Metro Stores!!! 

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