Thursday, May 11, 2017


When it comes to burgers, Burgers and Brewskies definitely know what they serve!  And yes, they serve one of the meanest burgers in town!  

They started the business by joining food bazaars and yes... people were literally lining up to have a taste of burgers creatively named as Call the Nurse and Kandi Burger.  As a restaurant, B & B has been in the business of satisfying your burger cravings for 3 and a half years now.  And still going strong.   

According to Chef Marc, their secret is really simple.  First, they just want to serve great tasting burgers, that is best paired with beers that are readily available in B & B.  Second, they want to create the ambience of "eating good food with friends and barkada" -- thus the laid back atmosphere in the resto.  And third, they keep on innovating their menu. They want CREATIVE and non traditional dishes, they never wanted to be referred to as a "gourmet resto".

Chef Marc with Mrs.Wise

One of the innovations to watch out for in B & B is the inclusion of traditional burgers in their menu -- Cheeseburger, Bacon Cheeseburger and Double Cheese Burger.

 two 1/3 pound Angus Beef with cheddar cheer, roasted garlic and aioli. Php280

Being an avid fan of Breaking Bad, was excited to have a taste of Heisenberg 2.0.  I remember that scene where Walter White asked someone to say his alias - "Say my name... Heisenberg... You'are goddam right".    

Oh well, I literally forgot my name when I took a bite of Heisenberg 2.0  LOL!   Made from 1/3 pound US Angus Beef, with Bleu Cheese Sauce; Shitake Mushrooms sauteed with garlic and onions. And yes, for the win - that awesome taste of bacon bits.  The blended taste of bacon bits and the angus beef is really something else!

 HEISENBERG 2.0  - Php275

Still not on the menu, but will soon be available to the fans of B & B is the Steak Elote Nachos.  The beef cubes were tender and melted in my mouth.  The nachos used are freshly fried.  Beef + nachos + hot grilled corn, salsa and shredded cheese -- made me want to shout "more beer please"!

 Php 350

We were also treated to some of their best sellers ---

ANGUS STICKS -  Angus picadillo, B&B cheese sauce and choped jalapenos in lumpia wrapper, served with crushed tomato salsa   Php195

SWEET POTATO FRIES  Php65  sweet potato fries dusted with a secret spice mix.  We tried to guess the spices put, but we only guessed one ingredient -- sugar LOL!  Php 350

We also enjoyed our meal when we paired it with B & B drinks!

Dirty Arnold - sweet tea infused vodka, lemmonade and pineapple juice

My hubby and I were very happy with our first dining experience at Burgers and Brewskies and I promise to be back with the teens soon.  Especially when my son is a BIG fan of burgers. 

 Unit E, Forbes Town Center, Burgos Circle, BGC. 
Open daily: Sunday-Thursday 11am-1130pm, Friday-Satruday 11am-2am.

Burgers & Brewskies new branch is located in Estancia, Capitol Commons, Pasig City.


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