Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Hi there Ka-wise mommies....

What do you look forward to when you wake up each day?  For me, I always look forward to my smile on my hubby and teens’ faces, the sunrise on the terrace, kisses from my dogs, watering my organic garden.... and having a cup of coffee just to perk me up!

Good thing I discovered SUPER COFFEE.  Oh well, it wasn’t delivered by Superman,  but it sure has some super flavors that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

HUBBY’s FAVORITE is 3-in1 Brown Coffee.  An enticing blend, and has just the right amount of “sweetness” to its brown sugar taste.

3-in1 Salted Caramel is my SON’s FAVORITE.  A big fan of this fancy-American coffee company that is quite expensive for my budget... now my son has a budget friendly option.  He can now make his own salted caramel flavored coffee, with ice, with Super Coffee!

And for my choice... its the Charcoal Roasted White Coffee.  I was raised in Malabon where kakanin and bibingka are part of our daily merienda, I was happy that this creamy coffee blended well with my favorite merienda.

Super 3-in-1 Coffee varieties are roasted for differing palates and offer today’s coffee lovers great flavors that will remind them what they love about life!

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Super Coffee is available in its pinakamura’ng presyo in Puregold, Waltermart, Quincy and Baguio Supermarkets!

Can’t wait to have a taste of their other coffee variants  :)

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