Thursday, October 13, 2016


TRIPKADA: Your Trip Barkada ready to go out, explore, and have exciting adventures!

Sembreak is just around the corner and I know that each and every barkada is already planning for an awesome adventure!  If you are dreaming of the beach... or trekking to reach a mountain's summit, or simply go on a food and cultural trip to a province of your choice... TRIPKADA can make that dream come true.

Last August, FlipTrip launched its new mobile app, TRIPKADA, a platform where travelers can join group trips organised by fellow travellers. No need to wait for your friends to match with your schedules, budgets, and interests. No need to panic when flakers become one too many. Whether you’re a solo traveler, or a small group of friends, go on your next adventure and fill up your bucket list in a fun and affordable way with Tripkada.

Simply log into the app, scroll through the available trips, and pick what you want to do for your weekend. Reserving your slot has never been easier! There is a convenient downpayment system that allows you to pay PHP500-1500 before the trip, and let’s you settle the rest at the meetup point when you depart with your newfound group of travel buddies!

You can download the Tripkada App on the Google Play today! Fret not, iPhone users, the iOS version will come out on the app store in a few months.

Trips are organised by fellow travellers who apply via their website  and are curated by Tripkada, to help ensure that everyone has a great experience.

And hey.... speaking of sembreak... it will be my teens' break from school too. Hmm... we might as well experience TRIPKADA. It would be fun to join other travel enthusiasts and build friendships along the way, right?

the backpack squad  :)

From Palaui Island to..... our next travel destination... Continuing the Backpack Squad's mantra >> Explore PH one province at a time!

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