Saturday, October 15, 2016


If you are like me, who can't let go of old things accumulated over the years  (sige na, sentimental na) resulting to boxes of stuffs stored in the attic filled with toys, clothes, bedsheets, curtains, costumes, toys and other knick-knacks -- then you will be glad to know that there is a new mobile classified app -- CAROUSELL!

Carousell marked its official launch in the Philippines, last October 11, and I was lucky to be invited.  

Using the latest technology to make selling as simple as snapping a picture, and buying as simple as chatting, Carousell offers an intuitive and hassle-free experience to buying and selling preloved on mobile. Smartphone users in Philippines, 40 million and rapidly increasing, will now be able to quickly declutter their living spaces and find new homes for things they no longer need.

Marcus Tan, Co-founder and President of Carousell says, “Philippines is one of the hottest mobile commerce markets in Southeast Asia, due to a young and digitally-savvy population. As we consume more, there is also a pressing need to get rid of things we no longer have use for, many of which are still in good condition”.

“Carousell helps us give things we no longer need, a new lease of life with people who would treasure them more. This is a much more rewarding and sustainable approach to buying and selling, compared to excessive consumption. At the same time, scrolling through our marketplace is like rummaging through a box of surprises. There’s the thrill of discovering something that is rare and unique, from vintage cameras from the 1920s, to a painting by local artist Oscar Zalameda. Buying and selling has never been easier or more exciting.”

Since the Carousell app first landed in the Philippines App Store and Google Play Store in May 2016, the marketplace has seen strong growth with 110% MoM growth in listings and 240% MoM growth in transactions as of Q3 2016. Philippines is Carousell’s fastest market to reach the half a million listings milestone, doing so in under six months, testament that Carousell is effectively helping solve a pain point here in Philippines.

Angela Ronquillo (@adoptatop), a Filipina who sells her preloved clothes with suggested fashion styling and tips, shares, “Carousell has amazed me with how easy it has been to buy and sell things. There were some items which I was prepared to give away, which turned out to be easily sold on Carousell. The community has been really great and responsive.”

And it was indeed a happy occasion, because during the launch, I met a former network colleague, but this time -- I learned, he and his partner are certified Carousellers. Javi and Pao own PaperjoyPH -- a company that sells super cute and pretty stickers for your planners.  Just view the video for a sample of their products  :)

If you want to order, especially for your nieces and daughters this Christmas -- just go to  or you can email them at  

Blogging is such a big blessing, especially when you get to meet old friends in events. Super saya ng feeling!

Other Carousellers present in the event:

Founded by Quek Siu Rui, Lucas Ngoo and Marcus Tan, Carousell started as a solution to address the frustration they faced trying to sell their items on forums and desktop sites. Since then, it has expanded into more than 14 cities, including Taipei, Hong Kong, Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur. Some of the most popular categories include fashion, electronics, lifestyle gadgets, books, toys and furniture.

Carousell is free to use and available for download on the App Store and Google Play Store. There’s also a desktop version available at

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Ok wisey momsies.... gotta go. Need to unpack several boxes, and gather my pre-loved stuffs.  I will also be on Carousell soon >>> exciting!


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