Friday, June 24, 2016


I visited and wrote about LOKAL in February.  I fell in love with the place, because it has an upbeat, quirky and artistic vibe into it.  I was really amazed with artworks -- on the wall, on shirts, on lamps -- practically on everything present in Lokal.  The store breathes art.  It is sustained by art.  You simply know that the owners love art.

Here's a background of LOKAL 

Last June 11, I was again invited by Connie Macatuno, owner of LOKAL for an afternoon of Selfie Art Workshop.  My first reaction... whoa?  Really?  Me?  Drawing?  I swear I don't have a single artistic bone in my body.  All I can manage to draw, all my life, are stick figures hahahaha!  Give me the damn computer and I can be a script machine.... but drawing?  Bleh!

And yes, I did eat first before I plunged into my afternoon of artistic endeavor.  

Also made a casual conversation with the rest of the workshoppers.  We were just 5 that afternoon, the rest didn't make it because of terrible traffic.  We were just 5, but after the initial "getting to know you" introduction, I knew that it will be one interesting session.

Pardon me, but I won't divulge much of the details of the workshop. I don't want to spoil you, my dear readers of the awesome experience, if you decide to take this workshop yourselves  :)

Connie set the mood of the workshop by asking us general questions.  At first, I admit, I was very self conscious, in dealing with the question.  Should my answers be long?  Should it be profound?   Yes, I am that conscious.  Don't judge me please... I am one insecured workshopper.

But after a few moments, when I heard the talented Maegan Aguilar providing some soothing music in the background, I found myself relaxing a bit.   

When Connie gave the signal to draw, I just stared at the blank paper before me.  Like a child at lost, I didn't really know how to start.  

After the initial struggle, I just told myself, what the heck!   There is no right or wrong in art. If the nose is crooked, so be it!  I surrendered myself.  Followed Connie's instructions.  And I committed myself to drawing  :)


With a few more sips of red wine.... I'm on a roll.  I just continued drawing. I didn't plan the colors that I used.  Or the strokes.  Of how to mix it.  I was just like a happy child, enjoying the moment.  My hands were dirty, but I didn't care.  


When we were all finished with our artworks, it was time to get to know more about my co-workshoppers.  I learned a little about their lives, their experiences, and of course I was surprised with their selfies!  

(FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, AFTER MY SELFIE)  Artist #1 drew the saddest face in the group. Evidently, there were tears in those sad eyes.  Artist #2 was the eclectic one, the non conformist.  Artist #3, was basking in the "light and dark" of life.  Artist #4, was the prim and proper one... based on her drawing.

Will I recommend this selfie art workshop?  Definitely a BIG yes!  In this day and age of facebook chat, where you just communicate with your friends virtually.  Or just followed their lives to IG.  This is one workshop that you can do with your friends and family.   Connie said, that she has facilitated the selfie workshop, among barkadas, between couples, mother-kid.  It is highly recommended for the busy working moms, especially if a de-stressing activity is what they are looking for.  There was also a company owner who brought his senior workers to the workshop to make them more creative to handle their daily work and challenges. 

According to Connie, "it's not about the art. Its only a medium for one to openly see themselves now.   It also takes courage, and being open, to explore art in which one discovers themselves in the process."

Speaking of discovery -- what did I discover for myself?  That I can draw.  I can relax, after an initial nerve wracking start.  Things can get so overwhelming in life someitmes, but I just have to accept things as they come  :)

For more info on what I call "The road to self discovery thru selfie art workshop", visit LOKAL FB  or call 09399257053.

Interested in joining the workshop?  Watch this  

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