Thursday, June 9, 2016


throwback post

When we built the house in 2008-09, we were thrilled with the idea of high ceiling and floor-to-ceiling glass windows. Fast forward to 2013, we realized that there were challenges that comes with the "dream corner glass window".    First, it was a huge challenge keeping it clean hahaha.  Second, we survived doing the DIY curtains of all the windows in the living room -- but how about this corner window;  how can we install the curtains? 

Me and my addiction to ikea introduced me to this curtain rod system called KVARTAL.   With its silver-matte finish, I knew it wil be ideal for our all-white living room.

Last year, Liza, my BFF-relative from Sydney was so nice to give me the system.   Bringing me my ikea dream Kvartal was like a challenge in the Amazing Race series.  She hand carried it, from Sydney to the U.S. to Japan and finally to QC.  Liza deserved an Amazing Race immunity for her out-of-this-world talent in bringing me my Kvartal without a single dent  :-)  

Then the system stayed in the den for…. almost a year.  Admittedly, we were thinking of ways to install it, without the steel scaffolding  (that would entail 2-3 people to install plus I couldn't imagine the ugly marks it will leave on the tiles)

Then this crazy idea of making our own scaffolding using scrap woods  (from yet another minor renovation in Malabon).  After building it, we placed an extension ladder, on TOP of it. We weren't sure if it will hold its own on top of the scaffolding, especially when  Ads, with his 200 lbs body weight, will climb all they way to the top.  And oh, did I mention that the height of the wall is more or less 9 meters?

On the first weekend, the Kvartal system was installed.  On the second weekend, the DIY katsa curtain was placed, but this time, Kristan was assigned -- less than 100 lbs is better  to my mind.  

And voila ---  after everything were installed, we were very happy with the result. We've tempered a bit the effect of the afternoon sun.  And at night -- oh well -- so dramatic with the lights.

A big thank you to our sponsor of the Kvartal system.  Until the next "hand-carried" stuffs from Ikea.  Especially when I dreamt last night of an Ikea Karlstad L-shape sofa -- hahaha  *joke*

Mrs.Wise says:  I wonder when will Ikea arrive in the Philippines.  I would cry heaps when that happens.  A mole told me that my wish will finally come true sometime in 2022Keeping my fingers crossed  :)

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