Sunday, June 5, 2016


My birthdays when I was still a kid will never be complete without a Goldilocks birthday cake.  Now, as a mom of two wonderful teens.... I look back on how Goldilocks has been a part of our everyday lives.... 


I always treat them to a happy Goldilocks merienda everytime they stay with me in the office, after their school.   There were times, I felt guilty that they had to stay with me, patiently waiting for nanay to finish her work. Oh well, nanay used to be a workaholic, and had very irregular working hours in TV Production  :)   But thanks to the merienda sessions spent together.... we turned a stressful moment into one joyful bonding experience!

Fastforward to 2016...  Ate and I were invited to Goldilocks Birthday Caravan at Enchanted Kingdom.  Again, the country's number one bakeshop, Goldilocks is giving us a mother-daughter bonding experience!   

As part of its 50th birthday celebration, Goldilocks organized a two-day visit to Enchanted Kingdom.   Shuttle buses were provided to transport employees, friends, loyal customers and members of traditional and online media to EK, and there, they were treated to a carefree and fun-filled experience at the amusement park.  The Goldilocks Birthday Caravan is one of the many initiatives that the Philippine's best loved-bakeshop has undertaken this year, in order to commemorate five decades filled with sweet moments and countless Filipino celebrations. 



Though we experienced alternating heat and rain in EK, it didn't stop us to enjoy the day. Ate rode as many EK rides as she can... Rio Grande,  Flying Fiesta, Ekstreme Tower and the most awaited Space Shuttle.  And based on her FB post -- I know that she did had a grand time at EK.....  (too sad though that we didn't get to bring Kuya too....)
So I was given this amazing opportunity to join my mom at EK yesterday bc it was Goldilocks 50th birthday.. It was indeed memorable and worth the wait in each ride bc I was slowly conquering my fears, (hahaha) which made me realize something. Na sa buhay, you cannot really back out from a situation. There is no other way in overcoming them than to actually conquering it. Thank you Mom, Thank you Goldilocks, Thank you Tita Vance for making my day eventful. #Goldilocksat50 #blessed 


And then I had my own mommy realization..... my kids are really growing up.... FAST! Extreme rides now mean "conquering your fears" more than just the thrill and excitement. Now, more than ever -- I really have to spend more time with them, and experience the world from their millenial "eyes".  And enjoy the remaining years before they finally FLY to the world on their own  :)  

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