Monday, June 14, 2021


A lot of people are hesitant right now in investing in real estate. For the primary reason, that we are still in the middle of a pandemic. So many uncertainties face us in our everyday lives. Not only uncertainties in terms of health, but of the unpredictability of our sources of income, when most Filipinos now are jobless.  

But let me tell you this: What I learned when it comes to investing, it is wise to analyze the pros and cons, to do prior research and feasibility studies. In stocks, when prices are low and you feel that you are losing, that is not always the case. When prices are low, that is the right opportunity to invest more. 

Because in life, when the odds are down, it cannot stay down for a long time. There is no other way but UP!  So if you are going to ask me, today is the BEST time to consider investing in real estate. Prices are not that high. Banks are lowering their interest rates to entice investors.   


If you are seriously considering investing in real estate, or looking for the next prime location to settle with the family, then Prima Tanza is a WISE choice! 

1. STRATEGIC LOCATION. The proximity of Prima Tanza to Metro Manila is worth considering, especially for those who will still work in the Metropolis. The location offers easy access to businesses and travel ways such as Sangley International Airport, Cavite-Bataan Interlink Bridge, Cavite-Laguna Expressway and Cavitex. The development is just less than an hour away from Manila. 

 2. INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECTS. There are lots of EXCITING infrastructure projects ongoing in Cavite, making it one of the leading provinces in terms of commercialization and development. The LRT-1 Cavite East Extension is ongoing. 

3. INDUSTRIAL ZONES. The steady growths of company locators in the province is a healthy indicator of sustained business operations and continuous pouring of investment over the years. More so, these industrial zones will generate jobs for the residents in the area.  

4. EXCITING AMENITIES. There will be a modern and central clubhouse with built in wifi, playground and green parks, basketball courts, swimming pool, 24/7 guarded entrance. Since Prima Tanza is located near Vista Mall, an added perk is the transport terminal for Metroexpress point-to-point modernized jeep from the mall to the Paranaque Integrated Terminal Exchange.   


5. VALUE FOR MONEY. With its prime location and amenities, you can reserve a unit now for just Php5000. In investing, the perfect timing is important. And I guess, today is the right time to invest in Prima Tanza.   


  1. Looking forward to its completion! You should also check out Bria Homes.

  2. thanks for visiting the blog. Will check it out.