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As a mother of two millennials, now both in college, I have seen how LEARNING developed through the years. When they were just starting their elementary years at Raya School, we were introduced to progressive learning. They were not just taught using books, but they were exposed to educational field trips, seminars and science experiments to learn different things. They were taught that they will learn more through immersion.

So even if they were enrolled in a trad school for their highschool, I know as a parent that Raya's progressive style of teaching helped them to balance learning. 

Now in college, both teens are exposed to another new way of education >> ONLINE SCHOOL. But I am not worried. Because I have accepted that kids nowadays are so adept with anything and everything digital. Learning using the internet + gadgets is now part of every child's education.


IM Learning deeply understands the difficulties faced by kids displaced from schools due to COVID-19. Parents and kids have had to adapt to the unique challenges of the pandemic, quickly adjusting from traditional schooling to home learning in just a year. These transitions can be hard on a lot of us and especially daunting for parents who aren’t used to home schooling.

Luckily, technology has given the people behind IM Learning the opportunity to help parents all over the world! Their channels on YouTube and Facebook have lessons to help kids learn better and more. 

IM Learning appreciate the efforts of all their teachers have made to make lessons available online through digital classrooms, but they know that things like spotty connections, noisy household environments, and limited devices can get in the way. That’s why IM Learning has dedicated itself to producing high-quality kids’ content for children who love to learn. Best of all, our videos are free to access for all learners! 

IM Learning invites you and your family to enjoy educational screen time with IM Learning’s lessons in Math, Science, Values, Arts, and English. Kids and adults can learn together with their video hosts Learning Leo and Learning Lisa as they explore different topics in primary education. 

Please do check out the IM Learning Facebook Page and IM Learning YouTube channel to see their awesome videos! They invite you to incorporate IM Learning as supplemental materials for your children’s education and most of all, we look forward to seeing you in our next episodes! 

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