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I really cannot remember when was the first time I "tasted" the Bravo puttanesca sauce. But I tell you, from that time on, there was no turning back. I used to buy it in one of the kiosks in Megamall. So every time I am in Megamall, I never fail to visit the Bravo Kiosk.


But as of 2019, I cannot seem to find that kiosk anymore. It just disappeared. Then one day, I discovered my favorite Bravo Puttanesca Sauce in Robinsons Supermarket, 


Then I discovered bravo puttanesca in Robinsons Supermarket Timo, in Victoria Towers, just beside St. Paul Church Quezon City. I still remember the excitement when I found the bottles staring at me in one of the shelves in the aisle dedicated for sauces. I bought one bottle, because I thought, Robinsons Supermarket has a constant supply of it.


After a month, I visited all the Robinsons branches near me (Tandang Sora, Don Antonio, Capitol Hills) and none of these branches have the puttanesca sauce! 


So when I had a chance to visit Robinsons Timog again, I bought not just one, but 3 big bottles! I hoarded! But it is not often that I visit that side of Quezon City. So I got to have a constant supply of my go-to pasta sauce!


Then the pandemic happened. I saw a lot of thriving local online businesses in my Facebook feed. When the “new normal” dictates it is safer to do online shopping with the convenience of deliveries, I joined the bandwagon. It was also my own little way to support the local entrepreneurs!


Then one day, I saw this Facebook post by a fellow blogger that she received these products from Bravo!  That is when I discovered that my favorite puttanesca sauce is now available online. 


December 2020, I lodged my first online order. I even won in an online giveaway when I made an account with them (still ongoing you might want to try it too)! I won a TOMATO GARLIC DIP (I needed to mention this because this started my gustatory love affair with this dip)! 



Two words: Very convenient.   


Their website loads fast. Easy to navigate, make choices and add to cart. I used G-CASH as mode of payment. You can also pay using your credit card and through BPI. 

If you spend Php2000 and above, there will be no delivery fee.


My delivery arrived the following. It came with an invoice so it was very easy to check my orders.




Now let me tell you about my Home Chef's Deli favorites. 


The Puttanesca is my go-to pasta sauce. During busy days, when me and the hubby are loaded with work, we just ask Ate to cook pasta and have an instant Pasta Puttanesca for lunch or dinner.  Bravo’s version of this traditional sauce   is seasoned with extra virgin olive oil, Italian tomatoes, olives and anchovies. 


My other favorite is the Artichoke and Spinach spread. It reminds me of that mushroom pate I bought in Fukuoka in 2019. Super yummy with biscuits, crackers, bread and grapes! The combined flavors of the  cream cheese, spinach and marinated artichokes bursts into your mouth.


The Tomato Garlic dip was a surprise! It uses real Italian tomatoes, and I can see pieces of garlic in it. The teens use it for pasta. The hubby and I pair it with biscuits and crackers with red wine. And the biggest surprise -- we made pizza using the dip. We just added ingredients readily available: cheese, ham, alfalfa microgreens, basil and arugula from my veggie garden, and we had a lockdown pizza party! 


that is my ALFALFA microgreens

DIY pizza with basil

Since we placed our first order in December, we ordered hams for our New Year celebration. We wanted to sample the Pancetta Arrotolata (Rolled bacon) and the Parma Ham (Prosciutto Crudo Disossato). We enjoyed both with wine and cocktails. 




Mother’s Day is just around the corner. And if you want to make Mother’s Day this year special, even if you are just in the comforts of your home – why not try Home Chef Deli’s GRAZING BOXES and CHARCUTERIE BOARDS.


For our "stay-at-home" Mother’s Day celebration, we will definitely have some cold cuts, cheese, red wine. You want to see what’s in my cart? Here it is:

Or if you want to cook Mother’s Day recipes for your momshies, do check out their website for special ingredients. They have cold cuts, cheeses, sauces and many more. You can also pair your home cooked meals with their wines and beers.


And as our special treat to all the mommies out there – here is a special treat!

Buy any of Mrs. Wise's favorites (Puttanesca, Artichoke & Spinach Spread or Tomato Garlic Dip) and get one FREE PIZZA of your choice! Choose between Margherita, Mediterranena or Prosciutto e Pancetta Pizza. These pizzas will be delivered frozen so you can enjoy them anytime at home!


  1. The customer must first add at least one bottle of Puttanesca, Artichoke & Spinach Spread or Tomato Garlic Dip.
  2. Then the customer must add their choice of pizza (Margherita, Mediterranea or Prosciutto e Pancetta).
  3. At checkout, the customer must use the discount code "MrsWisexHCD"


  1. Only one promo code per order will be accepted. It cannot be combined with any other promotions.
  2. Only one free pizza per order.
  3. Only one use per customer.
  4. The promo code is valid from April 23, 2021 to July 31, 2021.

What are you waiting for? Go to this link and enjoy this very special deal!  


As founder Mica Bastin wrote: "I invite all of you to join me on this journey as we discover new recipes together and create joy (in our tummies)!  Lezzgo momshies (and daddies too), and let us join her in creating sumptuous recipes in the comforts of our homes!  





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