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As a mother of two, in this time of the pandemic, I worry every single day for the health of my family. We have very minimal interaction with people outside. My husband and I are both work from home. My son and daughter are into online education. We have never set foot outside of our village since March, me in April when I came back from Sydney. My husband in March and April still went out for grocery, twice a month. But after that, we sourced out our basic needs online. We rely much on delivery of goods.  

Why are we so afraid to go out. Because of Covid. But common illnesses such as cough and colds still visit us, even though we are staying at home 24/7. And when these illnesses come, I know its not Covid, but I still think of the worst! What if it is Dengue? Or Chikungunya? For this OC mom, is there a more effective way to beat these health hazards brought about by mosquitoes apart from what we already know. Like, keeping the environment clean and eliminating mosquito breeding grounds?


It is unique because of it’s naturally derived active ingredient: Spinosad. It’s a class of its own compared to other existing larvicides with a distinctive mode of action that helps fight resistance. Natular DT is also safe for the community because it is naturally derived. 

Natular DT works unlike any other larvicide. It works by altering the function of insect nicotinic acetylcholine receptors that causes continuous nervous impulses that later result to paralysis and death of the larvae. This happens through ingestion and contact with the active ingredient. Its 1st visible effects are seen within hours of application. Optimal control is reached within 24-72 hours, sustained at very uniform levels for 60 days. 

Safety Standard Natular DT was evaluated by the EPA and is the first Reduced Risk larvicide approved product. All ingredients of Natular DT are included in EPA’s List of Minimal Risk Inert Ingredients. As a matter of fact, Spinosad earned the EPA’s Green Chemistry Award in 1999. Natular DT has also been evaluated by WHOPES (World Health Organization Pesticide Evaluation Scheme) for water container treatment in dengue control programs and is approved by the Drinking Water Quality working group for potable water. 


Spinosad is derived from naturally occurring soil bacterium that balances efficacy and environmental stewardship. It is classified as Group 5 insecticide by the Insecticide Resistance Action Committee (IRAC) and it is the only active ingredient classified in Group 5 used for mosquito control. The benefit of this is that it has no cross-resistance with existing products, making it an excellent option for resistance management.

Spinosad was discovered in 1986 by a vacationing scientist from a soil sample he took in 1982. The new species of bacteria was sacchrapolyspora spinosa, which translates to spiny sugar. Later on, the bacteria was fermented in laboratory and yielded spinosyns A and D, which comprise S. spinosa. 

In 2002, Clarke acquired the public health development rights to Spinosad and developed Natular DT.  

Environmental Impact Spinosad is safe for the soil, water, and animals. In the soil, spinosad readily degrades and is non-persistent. In water systems, it degrades naturally in sunlight. In insects, it is highly-selective while in mammals, it is not readily absorbed through the skin. In terms of toxicity, mutagenicity, and genotoxicity, spinosad has relatively low risk to beneficial and non-target insects. It is not acutely toxic to terrestrial birds, wildlife, or to fish and most aquatic invertebrates. Studies also found that it does not posses mutagenic potential.


Simply place the Natular tablet in containers or places where there is stagnant water. One Natular DT tablet is effective for up to 200 liters of water and can last up to 60 days. 

I think in the ordinary household set up in the Philippines, and as an urban gardener myself, we can make use of this product if we add fountains, ponds and other water features into our garden landscapes. Water gardens can have a calming effect, but we have to manage it properly. If they don't have fishes to constantly clean it and prevent it to become a mosquito breeding ground, you may need to use Natular DT. 

Natular DT is offered in the Philippines by UPL Limited Global and UPL Philippines. UPL is established in 1969 and is one of the largest agrochemical companies in India and 5th largest crop protection company globally. With its presence in over 138 countries, having 44 manufacturing sites, and more than 10,000 


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