Tuesday, January 7, 2020


The milk tea craze has invaded the metro!  Everywhere you look, there's a milk tea brand, both local and international trying very hard to capture the hearts of every Pinoy.

I am more inclined to coffee than tea. But after my trip to Japan last year, and discovered Matcha - I have included that green tea drink in my list.

My teens are hooked up ton milk tea. My son loves the fancy ones, with everything on it, while my daughter prefers the simple drink without the pearls.

And last Sunday, Jan 5, I decided to try for the very first time TeaMi Milk Tea, when I was invited at the opening of its fourth branch at the Upper Ground floor of the SM North Edsa Annex.  Yey!  Finally TeaMi Milk Tea has a branch very close to where I live.  


1.   They use FRESH MILK, specially sourced out from China. Fresh milk is healthier to use in milk tea than the ordinary creamer - that's why the tagline goes "Better Tea, Better Mi".  Plus, its distinct flavor gives the tea choices a richer, fuller taste. 

2.  Wide array of milk tea choices.  Whether you are choosy, or a first time milk tea drinker, or the adventurer type - you will surely find the right tea mix that you will enjoy.  Choose from Brown Sugar Pearl Milk, Tea Latte (Wintermelon, Four Season, Jasmine), Creamy Cake Tea Latte, Tea Latte Macchiato, Coffee Tea Latte, Fresh Brewed Tea and their best selling Dirtea!

3.  The freedom to choose, for your money's worth.  You can customize your drink by adding pearls, pudding, grass jelly, red beans for just Php20. For those conscious of their sugar intake, you can also customize the level of sugar from 100%, 70%, 50%, 30% to 0%. And depending on how hot the weather is, you can also request for regular ice, less ice or no ice for FREE.

4.  The place is IG worthy. With the pastel colors of its interior, it can offer a relaxing 
ambience for you and your loved ones and friends. 

5.  Awesome buy one take one promo until Jan 10, 2020. 


I love matcha and strawberries. So for my two choices for my first ever TeaMi experience -Strawberry Dirtea and Matcha Macchiato.

Loved the subtle sweetness of the Strawberry Dirtea, perfect for people like me who does not have a sweet tooth. With the right hint of that tea flavor.  Perfect for kids and teens!

And my Matcha Macchiato did not fail. It reminds me of Japan. The blending of the matcha and fresh milk was refreshing, not too sweet.  

The only regret that I had, was not to be able to order any food to match my TeaMi experience. A little pastry or salty snack to counter all that milk tea sweetness would be perfect. But don't you worry guys... the owner of TeaMi said, they have plans of adding food choices in their menu soon!  This is definitely something to look forward to.

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