Wednesday, December 4, 2019


Our Christmas Noche Buena and New Year's Media Noche will never be complete without our family's favorite - ham!  We liked it cooked in pineapple sauce. Admittedly, I consume ham with bread or rice. Actually, I can survive the whole week eating only ham and rice.
Actually, that is my own "standard" when it comes to choosing ham - if it can be eaten perfectly with rice :)

But with the recent scare brought about by the African swine fever outbreak in the country, I am sure, mommies like me would really think twice about buying pork ham. It is best to stay safe than sorry. But if there is a safe alternative - I would jump right away!  Because Christmas would never be the same without the ham.


EDL Agritourism Farm Inc. today announced The Primaduck Premium Peking Duck Ham, a new product. The Peking Duck Ham is a perfect holiday ham and offers a new way for the holiday season buyers to enjoy a unique type of high quality ham, as alternatives to the usual hams found in the market. 

“We are proud to launch a product that is now being revered by top Chinese restaurants in the country and greatly appreciated by the Federation of Filipino Chinese Chamber of Commerce,” says Allan B. Casajeros, VP for Operations at EDL Agritourism Farm Inc. “Surely, every ham loving person will love the taste, aroma, and texture of this very special Peking duck ham.”


  1. Mommies will be worry-free and won't be thinking if your pork ham is safe or not. Premium Peking Duck ham is the perfect alternative to pork hams, and is guaranteed farm fresh and locally produced and bred. 
  2. Antibiotics and hormones FREE 
  3. Bird Flu FREE
  4. Cured and ready to eat. 
  5. The price is very competitive with pork ham. Peking Duck Ham is priced at Php1799 (cooked) and Php699 per kilo (frozen but cured). The average weight of a whole Peking Duck is between 2.5 to 2.7 kilos. 
  6. Groceries tend to be crowded during the Holidays. You can order your Peking Duck Ham in a convenient way. How?  Delivery through Lalamove, Grab, Transportify. Customer to arrange and book and pay fees accordingly. You also have the option to (a) Pick up at Estancia de Lorenzo in San Mateo  (b) pick up at EDL Farmhouse in Tarlac   


We find the whole Peking Duck ham quite big for one consumption. So the hubby decided to cut a portion for our initial tasting and stored the rest in the freezer.  He steamed the ham for 20 minutes and then placed in the microwave. 

We ate it for dinner (syempre with rice). We loved it. Tasted like ham, perfectly cured, the sauce that came in with the box is the perfect partner. We also tried consuming it with beer and red wine, and I must say, its salty-sweet taste is enhanced!  We loved it!

The following day, we pan friend some of it for breakfast. We ate it with white bread. There was no difference in taste. Still very delicious, even if the way of cooking is different from the previous night. The right tinge of saltiness was retained, and still very tender to the bite.

Overall -- hubby and I have decided to order another whole Peking Duck for Christmas. We loved its texture and taste. 

And for all of you who are thinking what to "special dish" to bring to the reunion - I highly suggest this Premium Peking Duck. You will really get your money's worth!

Please visit their website for more details.  How to order? Please see photo below.



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