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At the beginning of this, I had an issue with my weight. Yes, I am super underweight. I have tried it all - vitamins, supplements.  I have consulted with a nutritionist and we actually measured everything that I eat in terms of calories. But I barely gained weight.  Until, my pulmonologist suggested that I try drinking formula milk. I tried it, for 2 weeks, and I observed a little weight gain. A pound or two. But the problem, my stomach gets upset, and I did not like the feeling in my stomach every time I drink it. Parang laging gusto ko dumighay, and it was uncomfortable.  

Until I read something about goat's milk that made me wanted to try it.  I have tried Goat Milk products on my skin and they work wonderfully -- that is why I am so excited with this goat milk beverage!


photo from DG Philippines facebook page

I wanted a better alternative to formula milk -- for myself -- and I heard of the many advantages of Goat's Milk.


1.  Naturally More Complete
Goats produce their milk through Apocrine Secretion, where milk fat and bioactive components in mammary secretory cells are enveloped by cell membranes as they are secreted. As a result, milk produced by goats have naturally occurring bioactive components such as: 

  • Polyamines for intestinal cell growth and digestive capacity development 
  • Nucleotides for gastrointestinal health, maturation, and recovery 
  • Free Amino Acids and Glutamic Acid for immunity and gut energy 
  • Taurine for bile salt formation (necessary for fat digestion), brain and retina development 
  • Growth Factors such as IGF1 and TGF Beta for immunity and growth development 
  • Extensive and complicated fortification for these nutrients are no longer necessary! 

2.  Easier to Digest
Casein, the solid part of the milk protein produces curds in our stomach. Compared to milk sourced from other animals, DG produces a very loose curd structure with a high proportion of water that is easily broken apart, thus facilitating easier digestion of milk proteins. 

3. Less Allergenic
β-Lactoglobulin is the whey protein that stimulates milk protein allergies. Compared with milk from other animals, DG has lowest levels of β-Lactoglobulin; thus making it less allergenic for us! Dairy Goat is undoubtedly the premium goat milk brand perfect for your child! 

4. With more CPP! 
Casein Posphopeptides (CPP) binds more binds minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, and zinc. Thereby, increasing the solubility and absorption of these minerals.

This component is higher in DG, which can help your children grow healthy and strong! 


DG Goat Milk Beverage, the Philippines’ first and only Premium Powdered Milk sourced from Goat’s Milk! Produced and imported from the Dairy Goat Co-operative in Hamilton, New Zealand, DG Goat Milk Beverage for Kids offers powdered goat milk of the highest quality

Our Goat Milk is made responsibly. The process of converting pure goat milk into a safe, exceptional powdered milk beverage is a gentle, and minimal one; our minimal processing results in a product closer to its natural source! Furthermore, we choose only the healthiest Saanen goats from New Zealand to ensure having milk of the highest quality.

As a mom of teens -- I am excited to give DG Goat Milk beverage! And sharing with you here a very easy recipe for you to continue giving milk to your children, even if they are already beyond 3 years of age!  As adults, we shouldn't stop drinking our milk!

1 ripe banana, sliced or broken into pieces
1/2 cup DG milk
1/2 cup water
1 Tbsp maple syrup
A small drop of pure vanilla extract

Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth and has milk like consistency. Serve immediately and enjoy!

Photo from Dairy Goat Ph facebook page


DG Goat Milk ice cream - yummy!

with fellow mommy bloggers at the DG Goat Milk Launch

If it is BEST for children 3 years and above, it might do wonders for me too. And I am happy to report, that after four days (twice a day) of consumption, I have already gained 3 lbs. and the absence of upset stomach, primarily because it is really easier to digest. 

It is a little expensive compared to other milk products in the market, because goats can only provide as much milk than other animal sources. But price versus benefits, I will say, I will go for DG Goat's Milk. Because as a mom, health benefits are far more important.  

DG Goat Milk is available at LAZADA  and  SHOPEE 

For more updates on DG Goat Milk, follow @dairygoatph on Facebook and Instagram

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