Wednesday, October 2, 2019


Hello dear readers!

In three months time, another year will be added to my age. Tumatanda na talaga! There is nothing bad with aging. It is a process that eventually, we will all go through. The positive thing is, as I grow old, I am not anymore pressured by trends and other people's comments. I have learned to be at peace with myself, and do whatever I like - as long as it makes me happy and have no bad effect to people around me :)

The negative thing is... my body shows signs of aging. I also have to accept that. Aside from some body aches here and there... one of the most affected part of my body is may hair.


As I age, I have observed the following hair problems:  
  1. thinning
  2. falling hair
  3. dryness and dullness
  4. loses volume
  5. white hair
obvious dryness and emerging white hair

sorry if this is gross. but this how much hair loss
I suffer every single wash

As these problems progress... I have decided to live a healthy lifestyle to solve it. One, I started on a veggie/fruit rich diet. I say NO to sleeping late. By 9pm, I am already in bed. I also learned to walk away from things that give me stress. I choose my battles now. If I am stressed, I just go to my garde, talk and take care of my plants and voila... stress is gone!
As much as I could, I don't expose myself to pollution, that includes daily commuting. That is why I shifted to freelance and work at home at home writing. No to too much alcohol, but yes to social drinking :)


With all the hair problems that I mentioned, I try to shy away from hair products with harsh chemicals. It will only "age" your hair fast!

I usually dye my hair roots every two months. But based on some internet information,"white hair takes color differently than pigmented hair." That is why it is important to use an anti-aging shampoo and conditioner, and support products that will help to keep the hair as healthy and nourished as possible.

Happy to have discovered HairFoodCo.  No harsh chemicals, guilt-free products. 

EVER YOUNG SHAMPOO and EVER YOUNG CONDITIONER - both are  infused with Moringa seed extract, emu oil and pea pods for a hair that is younger looking. Both products reduce free radicals that is the root cause of premature greying of hair. They boost the malanin production so that hair will change color by time to black (wow, I really can't wait for this to happen on my greying hair!)  

These products have NO sulfates, NO phthalates, NO paraben so really chemical free for that healthy hair.

And being an avid fan of anything Japanese (I might have been Japanese in my past life, joke) - I am pretty much excited with the Tsubaki Oil. This cold-pressed, light grade, fast absorbing 100% oil from Japan (also known as Japanese Camellia Oil) is the secret of Japanese women and geisha to supreme beauty for centuries. 

How to use: towel dry hair after washing. put a few drops into your palms and spread well. apply on scalp and hair. What is exceptional, you can also use this on your skin.


Unlike other shampoo, Ever Young shampoo doesn't foam that well. Meaning, it really does not contain chemical for extreme lathering. Even if it does not produce a lot of foam, when I rinse after, I get that feeling that my hair is really clean. The smell is also very mild. 

The conditioner also smells mild. I leave it on for just about two minutes, and after rinsing it off... my hair is extra soft. And when it is dry, my hair now becomes more manageable, no fly-aways. I am the wash and wear type of a person, so I love that my hair has developed that "body and volume" just by the use of a shampoo and conditioner.


> less hair fall
> less dullness
> additional volume when it is dry, without the aid of a hair dryer


I will continue to use this wonderful combination of Ever Young shampoo and conditioner plus the tsubaki oil from Japan because it really brought back life to my hair after 3 weeks of use.

I am so excited for the weeks and months to come. I have high hopes that with continuous use, all the hair problems that I mentioned above will be eliminated. So excited to achieve younger looking, revitalized hair - using natural and nature inspired products from HairFoodCo.  Really "true food for every hair"!

I will keep you posted on my HairFood Healthy Hair Journey


  1. Wow! good to know po na naexperience and naishare nyo po ito sa amin.. Honestly hairfall nmn po ang problem issue ko huhuhu.. Thank you for sharing po ^_^

    1. thanks for reading the article. common nga ata ang hair fall. Hope you solve your hair problem soon, just as I solved mine :)

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