Wednesday, September 25, 2019


In this day and age of gadgets and social media... how do you cope with family bonding?

I remember, when the kids were young, and both my husband and I were very busy with work, we would always make weekends our "bonding moment".  We go to the mall, visit kiddie amusement centers and eat out.

With the teens, all grown up and steadily making a life on their own, it is really a challenge to gather the family for meals. Most of the times, they would go home late from school or they opted to eat out with friends.

But we still insist, that if they can, and their schedule allows it, dinner time is our bonding time!


Dinner time is when we share personal stories, share insights on issues. Now that one teen is in college and the other one is in the process of college application, it is at our dinner table where we discuss school and what they would like to do in the future. All "adulting" issues are discussed during dinner time.

Of course, there are also light topics that are discussed over dinner - out of the country trips, online shopping, and it is the ideal time for the teens to teach their "oldies" not to techie parents a thing or two about gadgets hahaha!

Because family dinner bonding need not to be stiff and serious -- it is important to have FUN!

And that is what I felt, when watching Chuckie Dreyfus and daughter Ella's latest Vlog on taking that "Hot Chicken Challenge"!

It was very obvious that Chuckie and Ella has this dynamic relationship!  They know how to have fun and know how to laugh at each other.  

Their love for fried chicken is also very apparent. Lahat naman ata ng pamilyang Pilipino, love ang fried chicken!  In our family, we are united for our love for friend chicken, but we are divided when it comes to our sawsawan!  I like atsara, the hubby likes catsup, the teens are mayo and hot sauce lovers. But the bottomline, fried chicken for the win!

Let this video of Chuckie and Ella remind everyone that everyday we are given the opportunity to know our children. A chance to be a part of their lives. To know what they are thinking, what are their life plans. What are the challenges they are facing and how you can guide them. Make that opportunity every single day. Make it a family tradition to bond every meal-time!

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