Sunday, September 15, 2019


Me and my hubby are both working. The only difference, he is a 9-6pm office worker, while I am a freelancer, most of the time work at home wifey.  Evenings are special, because it is the only time that we see each other, including the teens who are both busy with school. Weekends are totally devoted to family time. Being home buddies, both my hubby and I enjoy staying at home, cleaning and cooking - that's our type of bonding.


I describe our house as a simple one. It has always been a struggle to keep it organized and clean, because we don't have a helper and we are pet parents (currently have two dogs, an aspin and a labrador and seven cats). So it takes a lot of effort to clean the entire house.

Cleanliness is a must. And we devote our weekends to pocket cleaning. When we see the result, it always makes us smile (feeling accomplished). 

But we realized, to be able to feel relaxed during weekends -- the house shouldn't only be clean, but it should smell fresh as well.  And we have to combat two kinds of "bad odor". First, the smell of fish and whatever is cooking in the kitchen. Second, the smell of pets (especially when they do their thing in the powder room). Third, the smell of cigarettes from visitors (and yes I am highly allergic to this smell).


Good thing, we discovered... Mia Maison Home Fragrances. They have a NEW and exciting product, nano-enhanced home fragrances deigned to specifically eliminate pesky odors > ODOUR AWAY. 

These products don't just mask foul odors, it completely eliminate it, giving you fresher air feel all day long. It can even combat the most irritating of smells (to which I am highly allergic) - tobacco!


ODOUR AWAY oil is able to interact with malodors leading to reduction of the negative perception, giving a pleasant and harmonic smell. ODOUR AWAY reduction takes place immediately after and it remains over the area for quite a long time.

Just put one cap of ODOUR AWAY Waterbased Oil with a recommended level of water to Mia Maison's Air Purifier and Atomizers (I use the air purifier at home).


Kitchen Bliss: Cleaning fish, working with meats, mincing garlic, food prep can be a joy as it can be quite the hassle for ones olfactory senses. Kitchen Bliss works by ensuring that your food prep can be much more enjoyable when you are not attacked by strong odor from food prep and cooking. This scent works really well, especially when we have to clean the seafood inside, instead of the dirty kitchen outside when its raining. 

Bath Time:  This scent mimics the scent of floating cool and clean soap suds floating around and about. For me, it induces a relaxing bath time at night, and an energizing scent as I start my day with a good shower.

Clean Space: I love green tea!  This scent is a combination of green tea, blood orange and other exotic florals. The scent is subtle, perfect for me. Because there are certain scents that I really cannot tolerate, but this one induces serenity and zen as I lounge around the living room playing some  music on my guitar :)

Anti-tobacco. With lavender and bright citruses mixed with watery notes, sea salt, ambroxan and white sandalwood. As I have said, I am highly allergic to the smell of cigarettes, so this scent is really heaven sent! Also, our kitchen range hood is not working perfectly as of this writing -- this anti-tobacco scent also helps in eliminating the smell of smoke.

You can get these four scents in Waterbased Oil, Aromatherapy Oil, Reed Diffusers and Aerospray ranging from Php800-4,000. Available starting Sept. 15, 2019.


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