Monday, June 17, 2019


As a Filipino citizen, I have availed of several government services through the years... be it securing of personal documents, or applying for a building permit, renewal of passports and licenses, filing of income taxes and many more. And I must admit, half of these services gave me the stress.  Either I got stressed out by the slow service of government personnel, or the long queue. And the most irritating of al my experiences, yung pinagpapasa-pasahan ka na hindi mo na alam kung sino ba talaga ang kakausapin!  Hindi ko nilalahat ang mga government agencies, but I swear, this happens.

But I woke up to this Monday morning, reading a positive news that happened to Sam Florentino, who took the Radio Operator Examination at the National Telecommunications Commission. His experience is worth sharing because it somehow brings back our trust to government offices, particularly the NTC. And this is his story:

Mr. Florentino attended an orientation that started promptly at 8am. He said, that everything was done in a very orderly manner. Two weeks after, he took the which also started promptly at 8am.   

After taking the exam, and it was time to get the result, he went back to the NTC main office to get the results. To his amazement, everything went on smoothly, numbers were given and all he had to do was just wait. The personnel were very efficient and courteous.

“sana lahat po ng government office ay ganito. For sure there is leadership behind this.”

Because he was happy with his experience with NTC, he reached the Civil Service Commission’s Contact Center ng Bayan to express his gratitude.
The letter of appreciation can be viewed below:


Mr. Florentino’s experience is just an example that there are government agencies that are trying their very best to serve the Filipino people.  And the National Telecommunications Commission is definitely one of them.  What the NTC did, is one big leap in providing quality service, that is expected of them.

What is commendable is NTC’s value for time. They followed schedule diligently. Imagine if all government offices will do this, there will be more to be accomplished.  And every single citizen that would experience this will walk out of the government offices, happy and empowered of the efficiency that they have experienced. In this light, we congratulate NTC for a job well done.

I also commend Mr. Florentino for sharing his experience. Social media is a powerful tool to inspire people. Sadly though, it is filled with negative stories that dampen the Filipino spirit. But if like Mr. Florentino, we also continue to share positive stories, especially with regards to services rendered by government offices and agencies, it will somehow bring back our trust in them. It could also inspire other agencies to follow what the NTC is doing.

I hope to read more inspiring stories like this for the rest of the week. Thank you for sharing your story Mr. Florentino and again, congratulations National Telecommunications Commission for a job well done.

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