Friday, February 22, 2019


I have written several articles on gardening, because I am a proud advocate of urban and container gardening. My day wouldn't be complete without me, spending the early hours of the morning, watering and talking to my plants. Yes! I talk to my plants. I will even admit to gently threatening my fruit trees if they will not bear fruits  :)

And as I was pruning my guybano and atis trees the other day, it occurred to me that the lessons I learned in gardening, can be also applied in real life!


1.  Take risks. Sometimes I am afraid of pruning my tomatoes because they might die, but in reality, pruning it will "threaten" them to think that they are close to extinction, so they will bear flowers and fruits to survive.  I cut large branches of my fruit trees, because I want to direct their growth. Sometimes, the "act of harshness" will bear positive results. Same with life. I need to be firm in disciplining my teens, if I want them to grow well.

2. Celebrate each day. I learned to be happy with a single fruit, flower that I see in my garden. A butterfly sends happiness too. If a plant dry out and eventually die, I will start all over again with positive thoughts. Same with life. I don't allow myself to get frustrated easily. I focus on the goal and work hard to reach it.


These are the thoughts running through my mind as I look at the individual bonsai species displayed at The Podium yesterday, during the launch of SANIB PWERSA.  

Orange Mandarin 

See the Crab Apple?
Mulawin Aso

Select and premium bonsai collections will be on display at The Podium from Feb 21-25 and learn basic Bonsai techniques from Feb 22-24 from 3-5pm at L2 Atrium 1.

On March 22-25, the bonsai collection  will be displayed at the SM North Edsa The Block. For the first time, three Japanese art disciplines will be featured at the event at SM North Edsa, thanks to the combined efforts of the Philippine Bonsai Society, Inc, Natural Stone Society of the Philippines and Ikenobo-Ikebana Society of Manila.  

Rare bonsai species will be displayed such as the Diospyros (Persimmons); Tugas (molave) and the Sampalok (tamarind).

This exhibit is made possible as PBSI and SM Supermalls join hands to showcase green living and love for nature. (photos)

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