Tuesday, January 29, 2019


I have always been interested in the arts. But when it comes to visual arts, particularly drawing and painting, I must admit, they are not my expertise. My art teachers  have always told me, that I hold the pencil and brushes too tight. In short gigil na gigil.  

When it comes to watercolor painting, the secret is how to master the brush strokes. That includes control of how to hold the brush.

On my second time to attend the quick workshop with the family at SM Megamall last January 27 -- I learned that to develop your skills as an artist -- you have to constantly 

Some of the students of the Chan Lim family, who became my teachers that afternoon said, they would sometimes devote an entire week for a particular brush stroke. That is how rigid their practice the art of Chinese brush painting.

These were some of the students I met two years ago.

I compared my Chinese brush painting of the bamboo from 2017 to 2019. Hmm... I can see a little improvement, you agree?   :)


Chan Lim, the family patriarch started his career i the arts using oil and watercolor as his main media.  Most of his artworks are created on canvas and paper.  The second generation were trained mostly in the Asian Arts. One of the two older siblings' notable pieces is a panel of pine and plum painting, started 35 years ago. The unfinished painting was unearthed in storage and recently finished. As a gesture of filial piety, the family patriarch, Chan Lim was requested to compose a poem or the artwork entitled the THE JOURNEY.


To celebrate Chinese New Year, SM Megamall and Chan Lim Family of Artists and students have prepared 381 artworks done in Chinese scrolls, oil paintings, and taels.  The exhibit is joined by 50 artists.

Exhibit will run from January 27 to February 10 at SM Mega Fashion Hall. Free painting workshops will be conducted on February 5, 9 and 10.

Here are some of the artworks I liked in the exhibit:

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