Monday, June 11, 2018


Recently, interesting things are happening to me personally, and to my writing career.  It seems that the universe are bringing me projects not only to be written well, but projects that have a significant effect on me and my family.

Because I am obsessed with my teens' education now, choosing the right school and college course are of utmost importance to me, and the writing assignments that are coming in are exactly what I need.

Sometimes... when you project to the universe what you need, the universe gives it to you very easily.  


Last June 7, I was invited to Dermstrata's BlogCon.  Apart from hearing about Dermstrata's new skin care deals for 2018, I met an inspiring woman, Ms. Connie Rodriguez, the brand's business director.

Of course, what we talked about, first and foremost, was about skin care. I specifically asked her about my daughter's skin concerns -- acne.   Her advice:

  • since my daughter's face is oily, she may need to refrain from using moisturizer, that adds up on oil content of the skin. She needs to wash her face at least twice a day.  
  • washing the face with water upon waking up and during mid-day will also help. Just to help eliminate excess oil, that clogs the pore resulting to breakouts.
  • she also said, that since my daughter is a commuter, to always keep her hair out of her face. And avoid touching her face with her hands throughout the day.
  • lastly, you cannot achieve good skin overnight. You must be diligent enough to visit a derm clinic regularly and stick to the skin regimen given to you.

Apart from the skin care tips that Ms. Connie gave, she also shared with me a lot of things about life and womanhood.

  • as a single mom, she has experienced a lot of challenges in life. But she owes it to herself to continue to "loving herself".  How?  By doing things that she loves.  And one of them is YOGA.  (Which hey, I am also interested in doing, but cannot find the time and schedule to do).  Yoga for her not only targets her health issues, but every session is a "me-time" session. It makes her forget the troubles around, she turns off her gadgets and just concentrate on the yoga session that she enjoys so much. Its a plus factor, that yoga and other forms of exercise, gives you healthy skin too
  • you must celebrate who you are, every single day. Embrace diversity. Embrace your skin color or your body shape.  This is the universe telling me... "embrace your body weight, don't be affected when people tell you, you are too skinny".  


They have certified dermatologists in their 38 branches.  And for 2018, they have exciting skin care deals for their valued customers.

(L-R)  MJ FAZONELLA (Marketing Head), MIKE SY  (General Manager), DR. WINNIE RODRIGUEZ (Founder and President), CONNIE RODRIGUEZ (Business Director) and KIM TAPEL (brand ambasador)

 For other info and deals, you can visit Dermstrata's Facebook page

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