Tuesday, December 19, 2017


 The day of my birthday.... I posted this on my IG:

Blogging is a whole new experience for me. Not only for me... but for my hubby and teens. It has brought me to places I've never been, and food-fashion-lifestyle trips that are truly memorable.

It was a big blessing to celebrate my birthday at Cucina at Marco Polo Hotel Ortigas. This restaurant has an interactive open kitchen featuring fresh and healthy buffet and an ala carte menu offering innovative Continental and Asian cuisines.


Cucina has decent choices on their buffet.   Not as many choices as the popular buffets you can find in malls.  But the hubby and I enjoyed most of what we saw in the spread.  

As expected Mr. and Mrs.Wise first dib on the buffet spread is for sushi and maki. Fantastic choices -- but it was the salmon sushi that won our hearts.  It was super fresh and melts in the mouth. Result -- I think I had more than 3 trips to this spread  :)

I am a self-confessed seafood "addict"  (growing up in Malabon gave me this insatiable hunger for seafood hahaha).  As in I ate everything you can see in the photos below.  The first two trips, I just ate it fresh.  Was disappointed though -- because the seafood choices lack that "sea-salty" taste that I long for.  The choices were a bit bland for my taste buds. So the succeeding trips to the seafood spread, I asked them to cook my seafood in butter and garlic.  Still -- it didn't taste that good as compared to the seafood I tasted on my beach trips. Oh well..... 

There was also a Asian soup station. We didn't try it, because miso soup was still my choice. 

Mr. Wise simply loves meat.  So he enjoyed his experience at the carving station. Meat was tender, and cooked rare.  Hubby asked for my share to be seared some more, but still, I can still traces of blood -- so -- I ate just a little of it.  

Mr. Wise enjoyed his Spanish dishes.  Salmon Cakes (crispy coat with soft salmon inside); bottom left; Lancashire hotpot (that was his top choice, very shepherds pie with a twist) and bottom right: Fillet of Pork (spinach and mushrooms rolled in thin slices of pork with a mustard sauce)

Salmon Cakes
Lancashire hotpot
Fillet of Pork 

Another favorite of Mr.Wise is the Indian spread. Keema with stir fry spices and lentils went great with the lavosh.  Its exquisite mediterranean flavor excites the palate.  The lamb kebab (rolls) were spicy for Mrs.Wise but I tolerated well the   subtle spiciness of the chicken tikka. 

And Mrs.Wise's  favorite... the dessert station.  


Hats off to the crew of Cucina.  They were very attentive and alert to all our needs. They made sure we have a nice time while dining.  


For Php3500.00 per person, honestly speaking... dining at Cucina should always be reserved for special occasions.  The price commensurates for service and quality of food, but not on the variety of food choices.  And fyi, the price didn't include drinks.

Over-all, it was a good experience for Mr. and Mrs.Wise -- who just enjoyed good quality food and cozy ambience.  Still very blessed to have experience Cucina at Marco Polo Hotel Ortigas!  

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