Friday, December 29, 2017


Ever since I posted my Novuhair Experience and shared with you how initially, I observed less hair fall -- a lot has happened to my tresses.

1.  I had my hair dyed (again) last November 28.   
2.  I exposed my hair to direct sunlight this December because I got so immersed in my 

So there... admittedly I wasn't good to my hair in the last 30 days :(

Good thing, I am still continuing my #NovuhairJourney.  I still apply the lotion into my hair every morning and shampoo using Novuhair, once a day.

The result -- less hair fall, despite the stress due to hair dye, I subjected my hair into. Unlike before, when my hair tends to get brittle and dry after hair coloring, it didn't happen this time.  Novuhair really works!


I know a lot of people who suffer from hair loss and want immediate result. And almost always, they end up using chemical based hair loss products.  Yes it may be cheaper -- but it has some alarming side effects.

1.    Serious side effects like tightness in the chest, difficulty in breathing, rapid heartbeat (tachycardia), and swelling of the hands and feet. These are actually some of the possible side effects of the hair loss drug Minoxidil, which is said to cease hair loss and promote hair growth.

2.    Most chemical products say they can “treat” alopecia, but reading the fine print will lead you to discover that it actually just slows the progress of hair loss. Little is said as well about these chemical treatments actually promoting hair growth.

3.    These products or “treatments” usually contain a variety of chemicals that may or may not cause allergic reactions. It pays to check the labels. Some chemical-based products may actually be presenting the side effects as the main effects. Let the internet help you on your personal research.

There may be safer and effective alternatives out there, but NOVUHAIR is a stand out among the rest. It has 19 natural ingredients—standardized herbal extracts, essential oils and co-factor nutrients that work in synergy and have been clinically proven to help stop the progression of hair loss, aid in stimulating hair growth, and reduce excessive hair shedding. 


Aside from using Novuhair, I also use some of plants that stimulate hair growth. It is safe, natural and best of all -- free, because I grow them in my garden!

Aloe, which is very easy to grow is excellent for hair growth.  It helps by stimulating blood circulation along the scalp.  I just scrape off the transparent sap and put it on my scalp at least twice a week.


I also just started Rosemary is also used for hair loss. I just mix a bit of olive oil with the leaves and apply directly on my scalp. Am excited for this herbal remedy, because research says it also prevent hair from going prematurely grey. 

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