Friday, November 17, 2017


In 2008, I had a grand time when I visited Australia. 

Aside from sight seeing, nature tripping, shopping, visiting Ikea -- I had a gustatory trip! Take a look at what I ate -- yes, I enjoyed the kangaroo meat hahaha!


For now, my next Sydney trip is still on the planning stage.  But it doesn't mean I can't enjoy what this land down under can offer as far as food and drinks are concerned.  Glad to have been invited to Australia's most loved dessert cafe -- GELARE!  


G - ourmet desserts all the way from Australia.  Gelare first opened to the public in 1986 in Fremantle, Western Australia and became famous for its ice cream. Now running for 30 years... it has continued to capture the Australian's penchant for gourmet desserts!  

The owners adored Gelare so much that they had to close the deal with owner Farid Torabi. They also trained in Perth, Australia to operate the all-day breakfast and dessert cafe. Aside from Perth, you can find Gelare in Brisbane, Australia.

E - xciting 24 staple ice cream flavors to choose from.  That's a lot of flavors for all you ice cream lovers!  The first flavor that I tried was Cappuccino. If you are a coffee lover like me, you will love its creamy subtle coffee taste.  Was also a bit adventurous that day, that I also tried, Rum Raisin. Whoa!  The taste of the rum, lingered in my mouth that when it blended with the sweet taste of raisin, it was pure heaven!  Last flavor I sampled, was Strawberry.  I must say, the fruit-based ice creams tasted exactly like the fruit!  

They also have 5 flavors of Vegan and Halal certified ice cream -- Banana Swirl, Lychee Lane Sorbet, Mango Passion Sorbet, Lemon Lime Sorbet and Matcha Green Tea. 

Gelare really take their ice cream seriously, using only the best and freshest ingredients!

L - ight breakfast menus.  Great thing about Gelare, they also serve all-day breakfast treats!  So when hunger calls, Gelare has the answer!



The waffles are cooked upon order, so you are assured of its freshness. The waffle base is made from natural ingredients, and it remains crisp to the bite even if you top it with Gelare's signature maple syrup.  The rich texture of the waffle as you munch on it, was i think -- addicting!  

If you have a sweet tooth, pair your waffles with a scoop of any ice cream flavor, whipped cream or a light drizzling of syrup.  Yum!


A - irless ice cream for the win. Why?  Regular ice cream contains 50% air while Gelatos have 25%.  What is amazing... Gelare Ice Cream is Airless!  This means, Gelare is denser, thicker, creamier and in terms of flavor --- more intense. 

Gelare in Italian means "to freeze" or "congeal" which is the final step in the ice cream making process.

R - obust coffee that you will surely enjoy.  I tried their affogato -- vanilla ice cream plus strong coffee really perked me up that afternoon.  The sweet-bitter taste exploded happily in my mouth, that I wanted more!  You can be more experimental because in Gelare, you can put whatever ice cream flavor suits your fancy in your Affogato!

If caffeine rush is what you are looking for, Gelare can serve you hot or cold coffee to your heart's content  :)

E - Entice your palate with smoothies and milk shakes.  Gelare uses the freshest ingredients, have real flavor and do not contain any preservatives or artificial additives.  Go ahead, indulge with the creamy goodness of their smoothies and shakes!


Reading all that info... I bet you now are craving to have a taste of what Gelare has to offer. Don't fret just head over to Geláre at the 3rd level, Uptown BGC and be creative. A branch in Nuvali is opening soon!

Mrs.Wise prepared this short video -- so as to prepare you dessert lovers for your next Gelare visit. This is basically what you can expect when you step into Gelare.  Watch and be enticed! 

The letters say it all -- G.E.L.A.R.E  stands for exquisite all-day breakfast and dessert cafe experience!  



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