Wednesday, September 13, 2017


As a blogger, I am always asked, "what is your niche"?

And I will always answer, "lifestyle".

But as I write this blog entry... I realized that, yes I write about lifestyle subjects, but at the end of the day, my articles will surely focus on my journey as a mom, my relationship with my teens, some challenges in raising them, and the joys of motherhood.

When I was still working as a full time TV writer, admittedly, I suffered from guilt. I had a hard time juggling my work with mommy duties.  Was guilty of bringing the kids to the office, sometimes letting them sleep there until the wee hours of the morning because I am still not finished with work  :(   Or leaving them home alone, because me and my husband is at work and we don't have a helper  :(    Or simply bringing them to work.  

Clowning around the taping of Homeboy

During the taping of SCQ Teens

But we survived.  We didn't have a choice as a family.  We simply had to adjust and hoped for the best.

Then four years ago, I decided to quit from my regular work and shifted to freelance work. Financially, it was harder.  The kids were 12 and 13 at that time.  I just needed to make a choice. To be with them in their exciting teenage years.  And so far, we are surviving.  We just had to make it work as a family.  

to date, this is the most LIKED and SHARED post on my facebook page.
through my FB page, I like to interact with fellow mommies  :)


  1. Generation gap.  It takes a lot of effort to appreciate the things they like. To listen to their kind of music. To deal with youtube videos, that I really don't find funny, but they have a blast watching every single day
  2. Mood swings.  Sometimes they are happy. Sometimes they are just in their room, being all cranky and masungit.
  3. Gadget addiction.  This is a battle I think I am losing!
  4. How to make the demarcation line - mother or BFF.  I've read that you cannot be your kids' bestfriend if you want to raise them well. You need to be a mom, first, and be firm with your decisions on disciplining and parenting rules.  I tell you, this is HARD
  5. How to explain to them the harsh realities of this world.  Especially the violence that is happening around. I would like to believe that my job as a parent is to help my teens cope with life, not shelter them from it. 


Last September 6, I was invited to a very interesting afternoon of Mommy-talk. The title was really intriguing -- SUPERMOMS!  Do they exist?  Am I one?  

According to Ms. Kristel Urbanski, founder of Glebe House Manila, a mother of two and a teacher, who was one of the two speakers for the SuperMoms Event, "a Supermom is an extremely capable and busy mother."  

And as a Supermom, she has special "SuperPowers"!   

The 2nd speaker, pretty momma Kat Maderazo, popularly known as "Bento by Kat".  Her creative bento boxes are beautifully made from the heart.  She just wants to give her kids healthy and appealing snacks and lunches through her bento boxes. That is her SuperPower as a mom!

OMG!  Simply too cute to eat  :)
Happy to have tried a simple bread cutting technique


Listening to the two speakers made me think... am I a supermom?  Am I giving my teens all the love and support they need?

What is my take on this SuperMom thingy?

Don't try to be a SUPERMOM. Don't strive to be perfect, because NO ONE IS PERFECT. Each of us are Supermoms in our own little way, to our unique family set up. Don't berate yourself if you are somehow not doing good in some things, the important thing is, you strive everyday and put 100% unadulterated love and effort into being a mom.  At the end of the day, its the love and effort you put into motherhood that your children will remember.

Embrace motherhood in every which way you can.  Embrace it by taking good care of yourself. Keeping yourself healthy, both body and mind.  A happy and healthy mommy can give their 100% in taking care of their family.  And always strive to HAPPY, amidst all the motherhood challenges and pressure!  Positivity rules!

Armor of Protection Everyday for the SuperMoms

Now, as I venture more into my blogging life... I swear the next time anyone asks me what is my niche as a blogger?  My answer will be:  a proud MOMMY-LIFESTYLE blogger.  I am first and foremost, a MOTHER!   


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