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 Quezon painting by National Artist Fernando Amorsolo  

There are several reasons why I am inspired by Quezon. My eldest was born on August 19, Quezon City day.  It is perhaps a sign that 9 years after she was born, we found our true home in Quezon City.  And one of the most memorable scripts that I have written was for Manuel L. Quezon Gawad Parangal, which I wrote for two years.

Researching and writing for Gawad Parangal led me to some of Pres. Quezon's valuable historical legacy.  One, on how he helped rescued thousands of Jews.  And two, how he envisioned to make Quezon City as the "new Metropolis for the working class".

Quezon's operative words were:  positive vision and helping others.  The same words embedded in the mission vision of the Manuel L. Quezon University.   

In 2016, MLQU found its new home in Quezon City.  MLQU School for Professional Advancement and Continuing Education (MLQU SPACE) located on Edsa, near the MRT-Kamuning station.

During the early years of MLQU, the university is known to produce high caliber graduates, some of which are bar topnotchers who are now experts and pillars in various industries. And as the years passed, MLQU had its far share of trials and challenges that it had to surpass to keep its notable reputation.  In 2014, the New San Jose Builders, Inc., acquired MLQU which ignited a vision of getting back on track and building the culture of excellence ad kegacy of becoming an outstanding academic institution. Since then, MLQU under the new management, has been very committed in regaining its glory.  And is committed in inspiring students to excel.


MLQU gave one million cash reward to Mr. Archimedes Martinez as a token of recognition and appreciation for ranking top 8 in the recent nationwide professional licensing exam for Civil Engineers at Success the MLQU Way event held at the Victoria Sports Tower Station 2, last June 6, 2017.

Engr. Martinez, a BS Civil Engineer graduate of MLQU ranked 8th with a rating of 92.65% based on results posted by the PRC last may 11, 2017.

Aside from the one millon pesos, Engr. Martinez was also rewarded with a job offer from New San Jose Builders Inc.  This is MLQU's way to motivate its aspiring students to be committed and to continue to strive for excelence.

During the interview, Engr. Martinez shared that he almost gave up his Civil Engineering dream... when he succumbed to vice and threw away his tuition money.  He bounced back, took his studies seriously, and his efforts are now rewarded.  Made me think... one mistake shouldn't be a reason for anyone to give up.  Falling down is not an end;  it is how you stand up and reform your life that is important!

Mr. Raphael Pedroso was also rewarded with fifty thousand pesos for having a total average score of 93.25%  in the recent nationwide professional licensing exam for Civil Engineers.  Just like Engr. Martinez, Mr. Pedroso bounced back from failure. The first time he took the exam he failed.  But he didn't give up.  Truly inspiring.

Dr. Isagani German, MLQU President

Learning is a continuing process.  Education is one of the many ways that an individual can uplift his life, achieve his goal and contribute to society.  And as I have said many times in thi blog... you need to choose the ideal school if you want to succeed in life. 

Visit MLQU SPACE for more information and inquiries about the latest courses and certification offering.  

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