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I was chosen as one of the participants of the Tutuban Back-to-School shopping challenge.  Very happy these days that my blogging adventures bring me to different malls to shop.  This is just one of the many ways for a hands-on, work at home momma to at least unwind... such is the beauty of retail therapy hahaha!


Having been to various Divisoria malls for a number of times already, I know what to expect -- crowd, heat and bargains galore.  So I had to get ready....

I chose to wear something comfy.  Something that will make moving and squeezing myself into the crowd less of a problem. And yes.... I gotta wear my sneakers!  I don't want my feet hurting from all the walking.  Also... I need to carry that backpack.  Big enough to put in my loot.  With the backpack, I got two free hands to scrutinize whatever I want to buy. Wise huh?


We were given a budget of Php 1000.  We have to buy the following:  School supplies, Sulit Buys, Home Essentials and Toys.  My initial reaction - Kayang kaya maliban sa toy!  I have teens now and it will be quite a challenge to buy toys for them  :)  But let's see what I can pull up my sleeves!


It's been several years since I last visited Tutuban Mall. And I was quite surprised that there were fewer stalls now.  Parts of the mall were destroyed by a fire years back, and up to now, still closed.  There were also empty spaces on the third floor of the Prime Block.

We were given an hour before and an hour after lunch to shop.

My plan was to get things that will comply to the challenge rules.  But at the same time, buy something for the whole family.  That for me is practicality!

1. Throw Pillow Cases @ Php70   (for me / home essentials)
2.  Foot Socks @ Php50  (for ate / sulit buys)
3.  Fidget toy @ Php 120 (for kuya / toy)
4.  Graphing Paper  @ Php15  (school supplies)
5.  Chamois @ Php55  (for hubby / sulit buys)
6.  Scouring Pads @ Php25  (for me / sulit buys)

Change scouring pads every week.  So I am a certified scouring pad hoarder  :) And the chamois -- we use it when we go to the beach instead of towels.  Absorbs water well and not bulky to carry  :)


I liked the idea that there were lots of affordable things to buy.  You can even haggle the price if you buy in bulk.  I am the kind of shopper who wants to make some chika with store owners.  The stall where I bought my throw pillow is owned by an elderly lady who makes custom-made pillowcases and curtains.  She was so nice and even gave me discount  :) And stalls give official receipts.

What I DONT like:  stalls that sell clothes don't want their merchandise to be fitted.  Even if they have dressing rooms.  In their own lingo "patong lang po".  Kindda hard to decide when you don't get to fit what you want to buy.  Very limited stalls for home essentials -- home accessories and decors.

So If you think I got a GOOD deal for my 1000 Tutuban Mall Shopping Challenge -- share the same experience.   Visit Tutuban and get your bargain buys especially your Back-to-School needs! 


This is the 70 throw pillowcases I got.... I kindda like it on my DIY daybed  :)

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