Monday, April 17, 2017


There are simply things that you cannot live without.  A can opener for example.  Can you imagine yourself ready to cook, or to whip your favorite dessert and you cannot find your can opener in your kitchen?  That would be a complete hassle.

Nowadays, canned foods come in "easy-to-open" lids. But as I checked out the canned food section of the grocery, I found out that still.... 80% still of canned food being sold are in the traditional lid packaging, especially my favorite canned fruit, evaporated and condensed milk.

And if you are like me, who has a weak grip, finding it very very hard to lift the "easy-to-open" lids... then a quality, hardworking and durable can opener is a necessity.

That is why I was so happy to have received the TUPPERWARE CAN OPENER for a product review.


Lifts lid away from the cans contents and leaves no sharp edges after opening  
Color: Black /Prairie Dimension : 19.5 cm L


Does the TUPPERWARE CAN OPENER delivered its promise?  I asked my 16 year old daughter Soleil to use it.  We read the instructions written on the manual that she easily followed:

1.  She opened the handles and placed it parallel to the can top.  Once latched properly, she closed the handle by pulling them together

2.  She then turned the knob clockwise

3.  She knew that she completed a full circle already and was excited to lift the lid open

4.  She opened the handles to release the can opener from the can and with the handles open, she placed the can opener's pin onto the can rim.  She closed the handles and lifted the lid away.

5.  She examined the rim of the opened can and was surprised to find out that there were no rough edges.  She glided her fingers onto the top of the can several times with no "ouch"!

6.  She also examined the lid, no sharp edges too.  Very very safe to use... especially for teens like her who like to experiment in the kitchen

7.  I just had to remind her, NEVER to wash the can opener with running water and soap. To clean, she just have to wipe it with dry towel.  Why?  Because surprisingly, there were no remnants of the juice from the canned fruit that we opened anywhere in the Tupperware Can Opener.  Amazing! 

It's definitely a thumbs up for the Tupperware Can Opener for my dear Soleil  :)

For more information on the TUPPERWARE CAN OPENER and other products, you can visit their website.  

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