Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Hi there Ka-Wise Moms!!!

Happy Valentines to everyone.  Oh wait.... late na pala ang bati ko!   But WiseMoms know.... the essence of Valentines Day is L-O-V-E.   And love should be celebrated every single day.  

I have been married for... 16 years (civilly) and 2 years (in church), and still going strong.

I have started blogging just last year, and I just realized that somehow, blogging has contributed much to my marriage.  We were so busy with work, household chores, etc... that we have forgotten, to just go out as a couple.  My blogging opened up opportunities for some couple time. For that I am grateful.

Late last year, up to the present, we were obsessed as a couple to finish our DIY chores at home.  Gardening, putting shelves, DIY furniture, photowall.  Weekends are spent doing these activities.

I was happy and content.... until this article ruined everything!

Really now???  The more chores a husband a husband does, the more likely the marriage will end in divorce?

Hmmm.... I would like to believe it is the other way around.  (Yohooo... hubby aka Mr.Wise just react if you think otherwise hahaha)

As a couple:

1.  We believe in sharing chores.  Cooperating and team work are very basic for relationships to work.  

2.  Admit what you are good at.  I suck at cooking, so Mr.Wise does all the cooking at home.  But I love gardening, cleaning and doing the laundry.  If the husband cooks, I chop the veggies for him or wash the dishes after.  If I do the laundry... husband hangs the clothes for me.  

3.  If we do the household chores together, then we are setting a good example to our teens to do their share too.

4.  If women are allowed to work and contribute to the financial stability of the family, then men should learn to do the household chores.   

5.  At the end of the day, if we both come home from work, and we see a pile of dirty dishes on the sink, unswept floors, dirty laundry and the likes.... we just stare at each other, smile and say  "bukas na lang yan" and we will be both happy with the decision.  Gosh... how can you possibly allow the chores to ruin your marriage, right?

And because for our love in doing the chores.... we put into action (again), the BUBBLEMAN dishwashing liquid.  This time we used it in cleaning  the motorcycle and the floor.

It left our floor squeaky clean.  And the motorcycle too.  I like using the Bubbleman Dishwashing Liquid because  it is an eco-friendly, biodegradable product made from coconut derived surfactants. So we are not posing any harm to the environment when we use it.

So now Ka-Wise Moms... will you agree with me that the secret to a lasting relationship is to do the chores together???  


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