Tuesday, January 3, 2017


I first encountered the name Choco-vron when we were still doing this lifestyle show at tv5.  My segment producer pitched the inspiring story of the Laguna couple who started making chocolate coated Polvoron, a new twist to that well-loved Filipino delicacy.  That is when I started to research on Mr. Joey Yala, president and CEO of  Chocovron Global Corporation and was truly amazed by his success.

He was an ordinary employee, who dreamt of having his own business.  The idea of the chocovron came when Mr. Yala saw  chocolate covered marshmallows and biscuits being sold in the groceries, and thought of a way to creating a new product... something very Pinoy.

Since it is the New Year... we can learn a thing or two from  Mr. Yala on how he did business.  With just P8,000 as capital, he and his wife worked hard and really got themselves immersed with their business.  Even when there was "challenges" Mr. Yala didn't quit.  And the couple didn't stop from producing different flavors and variants -- because their customers requested for it!   

You can read more about the success story of Chocovron here

When I had this happy opportunity to get a taste of... not one, or two but 28 variants of the popular Chocovron I was super excited.  The timing was perfect, just before Christmas!

I like munching on desserts that are not too sweet.  Chocovron has that right amount of sweetness that eliminates the urge to instantly drink a glass of water. 

The first batch that I tried are the Premium Cookies and Cream, Crisped Rice, Ube with Crisped Rice, Graham with Crisped Rice.  Inside the boxes are 12 pieces of Chocovron, individually wrapped, so you can easily store it if you don't finish the entire box.  

We had several relatives and guests coming in because of the holidays.  When we served them the Chocovron, the common reaction was... “san niyo ito nabili?  Ang sarap!”  We were happy that we made them happy too with these sweet treats.  Did I mention that it was also the perfect “pasalubong” when we attended several reunions.  It was enjoyed by relatives, kids and kids at heart.

Because my husband is from Tuguegarao, they grew up loving the Alcala Milk Candy.  My teens love it too!  So they were happy when they saw that there were Manila Polvoron: Original Milk Candy inside the box.  Yummy milky taste!

We never ran out of delicious snack.  We enjoyed eating the Chocovron when we were stuck in traffic. Or when we stayed up late because of the holiday rush we always had the fallback snack, best with coffee too.

And if you are the kind of person who likes twists to traditional food... there are Polvoron Sticks in Melon, Ube, Strawberry and Buko Pandan flavors.  And the VeggieVron in Pinipig-Ampalaya, Pinipig-Malunggay and Pinipig-Squash.  The taste of the veggies are quite subtle you won't even taste it in the VeggieVron.  

And that's not all.  Because the Chocovron was also a part of our New Year’s Media Noche.  The rounded chocolate covered polvorons are perfect, because we believe that its auspicious to have circle-shaped food on the dining table when the year begins.

Do you want to try these delicious delicacy? Check out ChocoVron's website to know where you can buy the product   http://chocovron.com/locations/

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