Sunday, November 13, 2016


Last week I discovered a new concept.  And I have three words for it:  EXCITING, INNOVATIVE, CREATIVE!  Let me introduce you to Fundr.  

Fundr is an all-in-one online platform for a hassle free no capital apparel fundraising!  All you need to do is promote your designs to your supporters and Fundr handles the production, payments, and even the delivery.

So if you are an aspiring artist who wants to promote your art by printing it on a T-shirt... or an entrepreneur who dreams of building your own clothing brand... or just like me... always tinkering with different ideas to promote my blog and give what my readers want, at the same time, dreams of having my own business without having to shell out a BIG investment... then Fundr is definitely for US!  


Visit their website and sign up.  You can use your facebook, twitter or google+ accounts. 

After signing up, you can now upload your logo or artwork and see how it looks on a T-shirt of jacket, or start creating a piece from scratch using our tools.

Set the price for your item.  Share the URL of your item.  Promote your store.  Remember guys, this is your own campaign, your own business that you need to share to the world!  Be proud of your creation.  As customers purchase items, Fundr will collect the payments.  But the good thing, you can track your sales through your own dashboard with real time updates.  After they have shipped all orders, locally and internationally, you can then collect your profit!  Easy peasy right?

A litle side story:  a couple of months ago, I posted a picture of a mug with a witty message.  I posted it in my blog’s facebook page and a lot of my readers reacted with “do you sell this”, “where can we buy this”?  It also garnered 600+ shares on social media.

A rare “eureka” moment!  A light bulb just went on over my head!  Why not hitchhike on their idea. What if I try to produce it for my readers.  With Fundr – that dream will soon become a reality!   

It is just like all arrows are pointing me to Fundr.   


SELL WITH EASE.  Fundr can be my own online store without the production hassle inventory and capital.  I just create a design, submit and promote it, and they will handle all the rest – orders, production and delivery.  Multiple methods of payments will be laid out to buyers locally or internationally.  No minimum number of orders required.

GUARANTEED FULFILLMENT.  Direct to garment printing using Kornit Avalance gives me the freedom to design without worrying about limited colors offered in silkscreen printing.  My artwork and "hugot lines" can be printed and optimized to reflect my design as close as possible.  

SUPERIOR SUPPORT. With Fundr, I don’t have to worry about the hassle of handling all the production.  Their dedicated team will take of everything, production, shipping and customer support to make sure your campaigns will be a success.  

REAL TIME REPORTS. Stay updated and be in control of my fundraising with their user dashboard that tracks sales and payments of all your campaigns.  You can also access and withdraw your funds using their online wallet that is part of the dashboard.
My profit will be available 3 working days after the campaign ends. I am given two weeks to run my campaign.
I know by now you are so convinced this is an exciting platform to launch an online business right?  Furthermore... who wouldn’t want to partner with CustomThread?  They have been around since 2007 serving satisfied clients from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.  They have a 1,400 square meter factory, the world’s best printing machines, and a digitally controlled production system.  Ok, enough with words... I will show you why you should trust CustomThread when it comes to customizing your own designs!  

With one great platform, Fundr and one great t-shirt printing company, CustomThread, you can now start your own online t-shirt business.  And by the way, CustomThread has one heck of an awesome office. The kind of office you may want to visit often... especially when you have cute dogs greeting you every single visit!  

Carlson Ngo, explaining about establishing a brand through CustomThread Fundr

And the cool guys from CutomThread sure know how to throw a great media launch party!  Check out the guys who performed that night...

Blk 6 Lot 1, Don Faustino St. cor. Don Primitivo St., Brgy. Holy Spirit,
Quezon City, Metro Manila Philippines 1127
Trunkline: (+632) 3648677

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