Friday, October 7, 2016


Education is very important, especially for mothers like me.  Its good to know that the Department of Education targets to put up e-classroom in public schools nationwide.  Of course, this will entail a large budget to accomplish.  What if there is one solution, that could facilitate modernization of the learning environment nationwide, at a lesser cost.  This has been achieved, when DepEd partnered with NComputing Inc.

WHAT IS NCOMPUTING?  It is a company that promotes "Virtualization", a shared computing strategy that maximizes efficiency by harnessing the computing power of underutilized PCs.  It is now being used in 140 countries, with 20million daily users.  


1.  Manages one virtual desktop OS for up to 100 end users, thereby reducing the number 
     of operating systems to main by up to 97%

2.  Reduces the per seat cost of a PC by more than 75%

3.  Integrates easily with your existing computing infrastructure, replacing costly PCs with 
     simple, small and very durable thin clients

4.  Centrally manages internet filtering software, ensuring a consistent and safe internet 

5.  Frees up valuable workspace in classrooms and labs

6.  Produces less e-waste and utilize less energy

These are huge savings, now enjoyed by DepED.  

According to report --- in most of the Philippines public school labs, the NComputing devices have enabled one host system (CPU) to power six workstations simultaneously. Instead of five PCs, the schools only need one for every six users.

By reducing the number of PCs required, NComputing’s virtualization technology helped cut down hardware costs significantly, as well as lower the maintenance and electric power consumption costs to a fraction of what they would be otherwise. 

Through its local distributor  Mustard Seed Corp,  NComputing and provincial partners deployed the access devices in 3,077 schools nationwide: 1,642 public elementary schools in Luzon, 1,194 in Visayas and Mindanao, and 240 technical-vocational high schools. Since all NComputing devices offer plug-and-play functionality, the entire deployment was complete in just six months.  

*  The primary device gets power via PoE from the PCIe card
*  Adds 3 users per kit & can extend up to 1+9 users
*  Connects directly from PCIe card to MX devices
*  With 2 PCIe cards it can go up to 18 users

*  The primary device gets power via separate power adapter, (6w, 12 VDC, 1.5 A included 
   with kit)
*  Adds 3 users per kit & can extend up to 1+45 users
*  Connects via Std Network Switch to MX devices
*  Can scale up to 45 users with 15 kits

I hope further collaboration with various educational institutions in the country will ensue with NComputing technology.  To pave the way for a more interactive and engaging experience for both teachers and students.  This is all for the future of the students, in the so-called, digital age.

Do visit, the country's distributor of NComputing
Learn more about NComputing here

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