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 Hello dear Ka-Wise momsies....

Super excited to do another review of an organic, all natural product.  I get really giddy and happy whenever I am given the chance to experience for myself all these wonderful, organic, all natural products.  After all, why should we expose our families to the harsh and synthetic chemicals other products contain?  As mommies... we should be in charge of their health and well being.

So I repeat.... I won't get tired of discovering products that promote health, and promise natural and organic benefits!

And repeat after me... Go-go-go  Organic... always!

The product I am so giddy about is HAPPYGANICS... an all natural and bio-degradable laundry detergent.  From the time I unboxed this product, and I inspected what's written on the label, I was impressed.  Look at what the product offers:
  • it has no SLS (sodium Lauryl Sulfate).  There are several reasons NOT to use products with SLS because, it is a known skin irritant; it is actually a pesticide and herbicide; has corrosive properties; and is an eye irritant.  Would you like this chemical to touch your family's skin?  Definitely NOT!
  • No optical brightening agents.  These are synthetic chemicals added to liuid and powder laundry detergents to make clothing appear whiter and brighter, and thus cleaner. Optical brighteners transform UV light waves to enhance blue light and minimize the amount of yellow light to make things appear whiter.  So in short, they really don't get your clothes any cleaner.  Its just optical illusion.  I wonder if this is also what they use for all the detergent commercials on tv? hehehe....
  • No phosphates. This chemical is used to soften hard water and can contaminate our waterways on contact
  • No coloring agents
  • No chlorine bleach. This is so important to me. I am highly allergic to bleach. The foul smell triggers my asthma.

The colorful tin can is also very cute.  I can already think of a dozen ways on how to recycle it (this is for a future blog post).  Happyganics comes in three sizes, 1.5kg (100 loads), 900g (60 loads) and 15g (10 loads).  A blue 15ml scoop is also included.  It also comes in two scents -- Lavender and Natural Unscented.  So lucky that I was provided with both scents.

I did mention the harmful ingredients that are NOT in this product.  But what actually is this product made of?  It has BAKING SODA, a water softener and a mild disinfectant; SODIUM CHLORIDE or TABLE SALT;  SODIUM METASILICATE, derived from uartz and soda ash; SODIUM SULFATE, derived from coconut oil;  and ALKYL POLYGLYCOSIDE, derived from coconut and palm kernel oils.

Directions on the tin can says:  use one 15g scoop (one scoop)  for one 5kg of laundry or 45 liters of water.  According to my internet research:

But I wanted to be precise so I really used a scale.  And it amounted to 10kg.  So I used 2 scoops.  

Which means, per week, I consumed 30ml / 30g of Happyganics.  The 1.5kg of Happyganics I received, will give me 50 washes.  So if I do the laundry once a week, that will give me, 12.5 weeks or approximately 3 months.  

At Php 1,390 per 1.5kg of Happyganics, the cost of my weekly washing would be 27.80. Whoa!  That is VERY reasonable.  Especially when I pay for Php 140 per liter of the liquid detergent I am using now, which lasts me 4-5 washes.  Halos pareho.  Eh di sa Organic na ako!

P27.80 the price of my family's health. why not?

  • Low in suds.  I have always believed that cleaning = more suds, mas mabula.  But Happyganics proved me wrong.
  • Low suds = low water consumption.  I used minimal water (45 liters / 2 washes).  On my 2nd cycle, "soapy feel" is almost gone.  Unlike with using the liquid detergent, on my 3rd cycle already, but it feels marami pang sabon na naiwan.

  • Surprisingly no lint.  Which means, Happyganics is really a gentle detergent. It doesn't scrape the fine fabric materials from clothes.  Which is best for washing baby clothes and diapers.  
  • I just have to get used to the fact that my clothes will not have the "perfume smell", that you get when you use ordinary detergent or fabric conditioner.  Our clothes just smell "clean" period.
  • Half dried clothes (because of the rainy weather) did not smell.

I did not test it on poop and other stains, but I will show you the test Happyganics did, and you will be impressed:


If you are convinced, just like me, in the effectivity of Happyganics... its time to contact them:

Aileen Chua-Tecson


Mrs.Wise received the product featured in this article from its manufacturer for review purposes.  Opinions expressed are Mrs.Wise's own and may differ from those of others but it was not influenced in any manner by monetary means. 

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