Tuesday, October 4, 2016


I come from a very visual world.... TV!  My scripts are always in audio-video format.  I have the this habit of scrutinizing edit points, jump cuts, color, etc when I watch a movie or any video presentation.  Moving visuals are very important for me.

And how will I feel, if suddenly, my sense of sight disappears.... for let's say, a couple of hours.  Specifically, during dinner time.  This my dear readers is the latest adventure that I would LOVE to experience....

An "out of the ordinary" dining experience....

A "quirky" but I hope, palatable adventure....

The concept of Dining in the Dark, actually came from Europe, traveled all the way to Canada and the U.S.   And now, it has reached Manila, yey!   As NOCHE:  DINE IN THE DARK MANILA brings this very exciting and one of a kind  dining concept.

If all I can see is pitch darkness... will I be able to survive?  Relying only on my sense of touch, smell, sound and taste, I think is really hard.  But hey... its about time that I sharpen my other senses, aside from my sense of sight.

As a blogger, I am also constantly hooked up on my gadgets.  But NOCHE: DINE IN THE DARK MANILA requires their guests to put in a secure locker area their phones, watches and gadgets that may emit   This is anoher adventure.... and a nice way to interact with fellow diners.

Of course the menu is a MYSTERY.  That completes the fun!  You just have to inform the organizer if you prefer meat, fish, vegetarian or chef's surprise.  You also have to tell them if you have any food allergies.

This gastronomic experience, is in partnership with the Resources for the Blind, a non-government Christiam organization serving blind people all  over the Philippines since 1988.  Visually impaired Filipinos will be assisting the diners.  

For all of you who are interested for Manila's most unique dining experience -- here are the rates:

2 course (Main & Dessert) option  for an opening promo price of Php 699 instead of PHP 999.00, and a  3 course (our most recommended- see above) option is in an opening promo price of PHP 999.00 instead of PHP 1,499.00. 
We also offer a 5 course option  (For the grand adventurer)  for a promo price of PHP 1,499 instead of PHP 1,999. 

And you my dear readers are very lucky.... because if you book before October 10 -- you will get an additional 10% discount on top of their promo rates! Isn't that exciting???   Just use the code  mrswiseXnoche   :)

Spread the news to all your adventurous friends -- and experience Dining in the Dark!


Open Every Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays

Starting October 14, 2016

Dinner Service: 6:00 PM & 8:00 PM

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