Tuesday, August 30, 2016


People close to me know that I am always on the look out for products that are organic and natural.  The reasons:  One, I hate chemicals, because I am so allergic to it.  Even the faintest smell of paint and some chemical infused cleaning and household products pose a big threat to my sensitive lungs.  Two, I have always believed in the efficacy of all things organic, simply because nature has always been an excellent provider of things that can heal and protect us.  Thus, the quest for everything organic – from food, drinks, produce, beauty products, cleaning items and home rescue solutions, continues.

When I saw MOMMY PATCH products on display in Lokal, owned by a good friend, Mommy Connie Macatuno, I was intrigued.  I wanted to put the products into test right away.  So I was really excited when Mommy Patch agreed to collaborate with me on my blog. 

When the package arrived, I was so happy!  Imagine a 5-year old child being given her Christmas gift on a cold Christmas morning.  That was exactly what I felt.  Kitang kita naman sa smile ko di ba?   :)   

Right away, I put the products to the test.  I started the day with a general cleaning of the bedroom. Because I am such an OC, put the pillows in direct sunlight for half a day, then vacuumed the bed.  As a grand ending to my cleaning, I sprayed, directly, with the ANTI DUST MITE spray the entire bed, pillows and curtains. I loved its eucalyptus scent.  So refreshing.  And I have to make a mental note -- I will bring this spray in all the BACKPACK SQUAD travels.  So Ideal  :)

I followed it with LAVANDER LINEN and ROOM spray.  According to the label, the spray works best when you spritz the air and let the mist fall lightly over the furniture and fabrics in your home, NOT directly on fabrics at a close range.  I followed it meticulously and I was rewarded with the soothing and calming scent of lavender.  According to research, Lavender eases anxiety and insomnia. 

Lastly, I put just a drop of EUCALYPTUS PILLOW DROPS on my head pillow, and another drop to the pillow that I hug to sleep.  (yes, this is a childhood practice I do until now, I cannot sleep without a pillow to hug).  This product relieves nasal congestion and lets your breath easily.  I didn’t have colds at the time that I used it, but what the heck!  The scent was pure bliss!

VERDICT:  I used this product for 3 consecutive days.  And I can say, this is really my “power trio to a sweet slumber”.  I didn’t experience itchiness.  So I guess the dust mites were taken cared of.  Also, the allergic cough that I have every night was lessened.  By the end of the 3rd night, I wasn’t coughing at all.  And... I had a deep, relaxed sleep.  The following day, I had the ginormous energy to do lots of household chores and gardening, thanks to my “power trio to a sweet slumber”.

Next set of products that I tried were the RESCUE combo.  I coined the term,
because these products were really the ideal partners of every moms as far as little emergencies in children. 

First, the ANTI-MOSQUITO RESCUE STICK.  This is was the first product that Mommy Patch produced in 2010.  Mommy Cel Lopez-Dioneda, Mommy Patch Founder, formulated her own formula for her daughter’s exclusive use. This product was unique because there was nothing like in the market, in ease of application, safety and handiness.  The stick was awarded Multiply’s Origination Award for the Most Original Mommy Management Idea out of hundreds of entries within the Philippines. 

VERDICT:  I applied the ANTI-MOSQUITO RESCUE STICK directly on my son’s arms and legs. Left it overnight.  The following morning, no mosquito bites. It was easy to use.  Not messy at all.  This product will last 2-4 weeks with everyday use.

With my daughter, I applied the ANTI-MOSQUITO RESCUE BODY SPRAY on her arms and legs before she went to school, no visible bites when she arrived. 

Then the LAVENDER RESCUE STICK.  This cute little stick uses 45% Lavender essential oil.  So here’s the story, I was tending my organic garden, when I stepped on a group of red ants.  I had several ant bites on my legs.  Instead of worrying, I found the perfect opportunity to test the Rescue Stick  :)

I swiped it directly on my ant bites, after a few minutes, it remained red, but it didn’t swell. Also, surprisingly, I didn’t feel the urge to scratch it.  It wasn’t itchy at all.  After an hour, the redness was gone. 

And lastly, when it comes to germs, every mommy wants to be alert, on guard and always the super-hero to the rescue -- thanks to LITTLE CONTESA. It gently disinfects anything and everything.  This will be the newest addition to my tweens' go-bag!

WHY I LOVE IT:  Aside from the effectivity of the products, and its organic ingredients – I really liked its packaging.  The products arrived at my doorstep in this wooden crate.  As a big fan of DIY and recycling, my mind was instantly filled with ways of how I can re-use this white wooden crate.  Wait for it on my next blog post  :)

Since Christmas is just 117 days away – why not share these amazing organic, hand-crafted products with your loved ones.  Just visit their website  https://www.mommypatch.com/ pick a product, click ADD TO CART, click CHECK OUT. On the box that says DISCOUNT, type in MRS-WISE and voila!   You will get a 10% discount for purchases until September 30.  Yey!

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