Wednesday, May 25, 2016


I attended last Saturday, May 21 my first Blogapalooza event, where bloggers and businesses get to interact with each other.  
having a FUN time with fellow mommy blogger Jing  :)

happy and blessed with my BLOGAPALOOZA loot bag
As an early bird, the first booth that caught my attention was SpeedyCardsPh.  Admittedly, I went to the event with a newly printed business card, BUT....  there was an itsy-bitsy tiny bit of an error on it  (blame it on my cramming).  The grapevine told me, that it would be futile to attend Blogapalooza without a business card... so I asked SpeedyCardsPh to print me a new one, with that small error corrected.  I was surprised that they were very efficient in dealing with my request.  They asked me to sign, access my email to get my card's design, and after 2 hours... voila!  My new and corrected business card is ready for distribution  :)

I had a short chat with the people of SpeedyCardsPh, and learned that they are new in the business, barely 2 weeks old.   And for all the Blogapalooza bloggers who signed up with them last Saturday, they get FREE business cards.  Whats more awesome, it will be delivered to their doorsteps!  

If you want to get in touch with them, just visit   here

Mobile: +63917.623.3457

FB/IG/Twitter: speedycardsph

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