Thursday, April 28, 2016


Are you looking for Japanese food that really tastes as it would in Japan?  Then GO-EN, the Japanese Ramen Shoppe is where you should go!

Named after the five yen piece often exchanged between friends and considered lucky both for money and relationships, this restaurant opens the door to Japan's home cooking. 

Indeed, we were lucky to have a taste of what GO-EN has to offer when owner Ambie Burac, invited us, the production team of WTF (Wala Talagang Forever sa Malacanang) for dinner.   Ambie co-owns GO-EN with her business partner Marilyn Pefianco, who is also the Chef and the originator of all the delectable dishes served in the shoppe. 

We started with a Japanese style fried chicken, KARA-AGE (P250.00).  Delectable boneless chicken thigh pieces with deep fried batter specially prepared and flown in from Tokyo. Dipped in a special sauce, its a bestseller for kids!   You will be amazed on how very light and crunchy it is.   

Next, we sampled on GO-EN AGE GYOZA (P250.00).   Filled with ground pork and vegetables, and comes in 5 pieces per order.  It will truly satisfy your Gyoza cravings.

Then its time for the "star" of our dinner --- yummy RAMEN!   

Being a first timer, I ordered Wonton Tomato Ramen  (P218.00).  Being a certified veggie Iover, I really liked the flavor of tomato as it blends well with the wonton and noodle.  

My hubby ordered Shoyu Ramen  (P198.00), a dark soy sauce based soup, with hosomen, nori, menma, boiled egg, naganegi, chashu and naruto.

For those who love eating spicy food -- you're up to the challenge with the Mabo Ramen   (P218.00).  Cubed tofu and pork stir-fried with chilies, black bean paste and a few other tasty secrets.  

Karamiso Ramen  (P228.00), a creamy miso based soup with a spicy kick!  A Hokkaido specialty with hosomen, nori, menma, moyashi, boiled egg, naganegi, chashu, corn, butter and naruto.  

Kogashi Ramen  (P218.00), an edgy ramen from Tokyo with a deep smoky shoyu flavor; imagine your favorite shoyu basted and flame grilled food and you're about halfway there.

We were still enjoying our  Ramen delights, when another treat came!  We were served with the latest addition to their menu -- TONKATSU  (P350.00), crunchy deep fried breaded pork cutlet with a side of tangy sauce mixed with black sesame seed, potato salad with a hint of mustard and shredded cabbage.  I was blown away by how the meat was very tender to the bite, crunchy on the outside, juicy on the inside.  And being a veggie lover -- I am now a big fan of the potato salad that comes with every order of Tonkatsu.  Yummy!

Lastly, we had home made MOCHI ice cream  (P120.00). Inside is a sweet ball of vanilla ice cream. Perfect dessert after flavorful Japanese dinner.

Go-en transports you to the family run shop that you keep going back to each time you are in Japan.  It has none of the self-consciousness that has become characteristic of big Japanese restaurants in Manila.  Instead, Go-en has been designed with thoughtfulness and precision:  an open kitchen, Japanese Kendama and limited anime posters hang on the walls to relax the dining area.


You get good value for your money when you eat in Go-En.  You get authentic Japanese meals in the 200-350 price range, with generous servings.  



So what are you waiting for?   Head to Go-en, the Japanese Ramen Shoppe at 97-B Maginhawa Street Quezon City.  

Store Hours:   
Monday to Thursday - 12nn - 11pm
Friday to Sunday - 12nn - 12mn

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