Tuesday, January 19, 2016

BLOGGING LOVIN' AGAIN (for the nth time)

So here I go again…. another blog for the New Year.  I think this is my….. oh ok, I lost count already.  I had several short lived blogs  (or should I say, abandoned blogs) to my name.  The reason for their extinction…. either I lost interest in them,  I got too busy with work,  worst reason of all — I completely forgotten the password and the email I used  (and yes, I am blaming age with the forgetfulness I suffer lately.  Just to be sure, this time I have the password of this blog in my notebook and in my android phone’s gallery…huh!)
Why the weird title?  I recently discovered that I have a green thumb.  I started a small organic garden and its thriving well.   My favorite harvest so far — TURMERIC.  Why am  I so blissfully HAPPY with it?   1.  It thrives well in our soil   2.  even if I forget to water it a lot of times, it still grows beautifully   3.  its considered a SUPER FOOD with the nutrients and benefits you get from it   4.  turmeric tea is awesome.
I want to be like my TURMERIC… thriving well in  life’s given situation,  doesn’t need a lot of attention to survive and grow, helpful and beneficial to everyone, just plain HAPPY in my simple life, not-so-perfect life.  I know it would be awesome to share the things I am energetic about, things that inspire me to wake up in the morning, things that I love….
my partner-in-crime  a.k.a.  loving hubby cook…
my garden…
my DIY projects….
my crazy reflections in life….
my passion for photography and budget travel!
this is my happy turmeric harvest from last week. It took me 3 days to uproot it all, but its worth it!

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