Thursday, January 28, 2016


I am surrounded by white walls.  Its not that I am afraid to experiment with colors, but when we built the house, 8 years ago, due to much financial stress of building, it was easier to go with white walls. 8 years after, we are gradually introducing color into the house.  Starting with the black chalkboard accent wall in the kitchen.

We got the chalkboard paint in Commonwealth Home Depot.  It comes in different colors, but because I fancy using colored chalks  (which reminds me of my elementary days, drawing colorful things on the blackboard), we got the black.  And even the black comes in different shades, you just have to decide and the Nippon representative will mix it for you.  One liter costs 295.00.

Kuya prepared the wall by sanding.  Then Ate, with Papa’s help applied the first coating. Of course, Papa ended up finishing the wall hehehe.

The teeners came back when the wall was completed.  And they were raring to do some chalk art.  But we said the paint has to dry.  Around 24 hours.
So the next day, the teeners started doodling.  Amazingly, with just a plain rug, the chalk drawings are very easy to erase.

And this is the finished wall.  Artistic and functional.  Especially for groceries to buy, bills to pay, DIY plans and important things to do.
I can imagine the wall shouting to the teeners  “clean your room” or “cook rice” from time to time, when they are on their own left with some chores to do.   And yes, I promise myself not to leave major rants on the wall  :)

It's also a "thumbs up" for the easy to use Nippon Paint.  I still have some leftover -- that I plan to use for future DIY projects.

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