Monday, June 17, 2019


As a Filipino citizen, I have availed of several government services through the years... be it securing of personal documents, or applying for a building permit, renewal of passports and licenses, filing of income taxes and many more. And I must admit, half of these services gave me the stress.  Either I got stressed out by the slow service of government personnel, or the long queue. And the most irritating of al my experiences, yung pinagpapasa-pasahan ka na hindi mo na alam kung sino ba talaga ang kakausapin!  Hindi ko nilalahat ang mga government agencies, but I swear, this happens.

But I woke up to this Monday morning, reading a positive news that happened to Sam Florentino, who took the Radio Operator Examination at the National Telecommunications Commission. His experience is worth sharing because it somehow brings back our trust to government offices, particularly the NTC. And this is his story:

Mr. Florentino attended an orientation that started promptly at 8am. He said, that everything was done in a very orderly manner. Two weeks after, he took the which also started promptly at 8am.   

After taking the exam, and it was time to get the result, he went back to the NTC main office to get the results. To his amazement, everything went on smoothly, numbers were given and all he had to do was just wait. The personnel were very efficient and courteous.

“sana lahat po ng government office ay ganito. For sure there is leadership behind this.”

Because he was happy with his experience with NTC, he reached the Civil Service Commission’s Contact Center ng Bayan to express his gratitude.
The letter of appreciation can be viewed below:


Mr. Florentino’s experience is just an example that there are government agencies that are trying their very best to serve the Filipino people.  And the National Telecommunications Commission is definitely one of them.  What the NTC did, is one big leap in providing quality service, that is expected of them.

What is commendable is NTC’s value for time. They followed schedule diligently. Imagine if all government offices will do this, there will be more to be accomplished.  And every single citizen that would experience this will walk out of the government offices, happy and empowered of the efficiency that they have experienced. In this light, we congratulate NTC for a job well done.

I also commend Mr. Florentino for sharing his experience. Social media is a powerful tool to inspire people. Sadly though, it is filled with negative stories that dampen the Filipino spirit. But if like Mr. Florentino, we also continue to share positive stories, especially with regards to services rendered by government offices and agencies, it will somehow bring back our trust in them. It could also inspire other agencies to follow what the NTC is doing.

I hope to read more inspiring stories like this for the rest of the week. Thank you for sharing your story Mr. Florentino and again, congratulations National Telecommunications Commission for a job well done.

Monday, June 10, 2019


I have always loved my nanay's home cooked dishes. Growing up in Malabon, I remember waking up to the smell of ox tripe Kare-kare with lots of veggies and home cooked (not bottled bagoong); Tinumis, Malabon's dinuguan which is more sour than salty and should have libro libro (ox tripe again) as its main ingredient;  and ginataang Alimasag with kangkong.  Lunch with these dishes will only mean one thing >> unli rice! for me :) 

Sadly, I failed to get the recipes of how my nanay cooked these dishes and many more, before she left us.  Been trying to do some research, asking Malabon folks for recipes. But I am not successful. Up to now, we can't seem to duplicate her Menudo. So I plan, in the future, to make a book or dedicate a blog to Malabon cuisine and special sauces, in my quest to find out the secret recipe to my mom's cooking.


A few days ago, I was invited to Casa Reyes Bistro Filipino at the Upper Level, Promenade Greenhills. Don't get confused, there is another branch of this Filipino restaurant in Connecticut Arcade. Both branches are owned by Ms. Christine Dayco.

My first impression of the restaurant >> NOSTALGIC.

It was as if I time travelled and got transported to lola's provincial house. With wooden furniture and accents, accessories that will remind you of childhood days before gadgets and bits and pieces that will remind you of the simple life of the past.  There were also several repurposed pieces that showed ingenuity and Pinoy craftsmanship. You just know that the owner of this restaurant put in a lot of effort in making you feel Pinoy na Pinoy.

Part of the restaurant's interior design, was the display of several photos of the family's matriarch -- from whom most of the recipes came from. 

Their artisanal pinoy gelatos are displayed in a cute sorbetero cart. Super cute.


Those who personally know Mrs.Wise, will know that I am a bit choosy when it comes to food. Maybe because I am very much partial to my nanay's style of cooking, and that when I dine out it will only be one of these three choices: Japanese, Mexican or Filipino.

But when I inspected the menu of Casa Reyes Bistro Filipino -- I had a big appetite slowly building up. A sense of excitement to have a sample of their dishes.  The selection are predominantly traditional Filipino dishes, which I heard were heritage recipes from Ms. Christine's family. She comes from a family of restaurateurs, and Mama Sita (the culinary icon and yes the woman behind the brand of sauces, marinades and more) is Ms. Christine's lola.

the flavor of this mechado brings back memories of
fiesta celebrations in Malabon, wherein mechado is a staple.
beef is VERY tender, melts in your mouth :)
Casa Reyes is well known for their barbecues, and this BBQ chops
is definitely one of the dishes that you must try, perfect
with Java Rice
this one is my FAVORITE!  the salty-smoky flavor of tinapa sits well wth
Kesong puti. How to eat: wrap the tinapa lumpia with lettuce
and put the mango salsa. I think I might have eaten 4 pieces hahaha! 
of course I expected the "sour" flavor of Malabon's dinuguan. But this
variety is more similar to my hubby's "Sinagan" (dinuguan in Tuguegarao).
The only difference is the crispy pork that goes with it.
Shrimp and Aligue sauce - perfect combination. 
the laing was not too spicy. the bagnet was crispy. I warn you...
if you order this, you might order a cup or two of rice. Delicious!
bagnet and pinakbet, two Ilocano staples. the rice enhanced the
flavor of the bagnet. But I kindda miss the veggies in the
pinakbet (I love veggies kasi)

Steak lovers alert!  the truffle butter is so creamy and buttery. the angus
rib eye melts in the mouth.
this dish reminds me of my nanay's Sarsiado recipe. I didn't
know that mango can be use for the sauce. Loved this
twist, and I will try it at home
the PERFECT dessert after eating those impressive Filipino dishes.
As you can see, this looks like an ordinary bibingka, with
salted egg. But when you dig in, OMG!  The cheesecake consistency
is a big surprise - soft, creamy, light and fluffy - but still having
that distinct bibingka taste. I swear, I think I can finish 5 of these in one sitting :) 
the perfect drink for authentic traditional Filipino food - buko! 


Wait... I am still recovering from the explosion of flavors in my mouth :)   I definitely gained weight from the gustatory experience. I sampled on everything. As in, every dish that were served. And that's not all, I finished two cups of gelatos - the mangga't suman and keso at pastillas. And I am not even a big fan of desserts :) 

Seriously, Casa Reyes Bistro Filipino is a worthwhile dining experience. The ambience puts you in the mood to celebrate your Filipino heritage - culture, tradition and culinary uniqueness. It is perfect for family celebrations - because you know you are served excellent food choices.  I also recommend this place - if you have balikbayan relatives and you want them to have a taste of Filipino dishes that they crave for years.  

Speaking of balikbayan relatives, Casa Reyes Bistro FIlipino can be the venue for your next family reunion/party. The ground floor can accommodate 35 people, and the second floor, 35 people too. 

They also have party platters that you can order.  

MONDAY-THURS - 11am to 10pm
FRIDAY - 11am to 11pm
SATURDAY - 10am to 11pm
SUNDAY - 10am to 10pm

Saturday, June 8, 2019


I came from a generation of "walking dolls" (that creepily open and close their eyes) and later, my addiction with "game and watch".  It was when I had my daughter that I got introduced to Barbie. My daughter were given several Barbie dolls by relatives, and I remember buying her toddler stuffs with Barbie design.

To mark the 121st celebration of Philippine Independence, there will be an exhibit that will celebrate Pinoy fashion and freedom -- FILIPINA BEAUTY WITH BARBIE!  In this exhibit you will witness what the iconic doll Barbie would look like in a Filipino-designed ensemble.

Here are some interesting reasons why you mommies, together with your kids, should check out SM North Edsa's The Block Pinoy Barbie exhibit:

1.  It is a fashion experience like no other. Witness an exhibit of Barbie dolls dressed in mixed contemporary high-fashion and streetwear inspired by the country's rich culture, tradition and heritage.

2. Filipino fashion designers in action. Be amazed by a collection of exclusive designs made by the country's most sought-after filipino fashion designers -- Rajo Laurel, Mark Tumang, John Herrera, Anthony Ramirez and Martin Bautista among others.

3. A handiwork of expert Filipino doll artists. The Barbie collection will be "dolled up" using the skills and craftmanship of remarkable doll artists -- Alvin Dave Ocampo, Christoper Flores, Eric Benito, Arvy Labrador, Marc Vandro and Precious Juliet Mirafuentes.

4. A design competition on contemporary couture. In collaboration with the promising talents of Fashion Institute of the Philippines, Institute of Creative Entrepreneurship Fashion Arts Design and Fashion Designers Alliance the exhibit will showcase Barbie doll outfits made of indigenous and recyclable materials. 




5. There's a Catriona Gray and Pia Wurtzbach inspired Barbie. If you are a big fan of the Miss Universe, you wouldn't let this chance to pass to see Miss Universe gowns on cute Barbie dolls.

Catch the exhibit that will run until June 13, at the SM North Edsa the Block.  Happy Independence Day everyone!!!