Monday, March 1, 2021


Summer is now here and in the middle of all the sweltering heat, Salmon HQ has the perfect summer food for you: their famous Salmon Sashimi Cake and Tuna Sashimi Cake. Not only is salmon good for the heart but salmon is also good for the body since it is considered a healthy food. 


Salmon contains a specific type of unsaturated fat called omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids lower your risk of dying from heart disease, according to Mayo Clinic. The omega-3 fatty acids in salmon help keep your heart healthy by protecting the health of your blood vessels.


Tuna, on the other hand, is a lean source of protein. Tuna also contains iron, potassium, and B vitamins. It is also an excellent source of selenium, a trace mineral that acts as an antioxidant and may reduce your risk of heart disease and other chronic conditions


Sashimi contains lots of omega-3 fatty acids which is good for both the brain and health. The fatty acids help in lowering the cholesterol in the bloodstream which is always a good thing. These fatty acids also help in promoting good eyesight while the omega-3 fatty acids help stimulate the brain so it can work properly.


These three combined makes Salmon HQ the perfect go to place for your summer eats. You get to eat something delicious and healthy for both your brain and your body. If that isn’t a win-win, we don’t know what is. 


Salmon HQ also offers the best sushi bake this side of the Metro. What sets them apart from the rest is that you can still indulge in their sushi bake because they can easily replace the rice they use with cauliflower rice for those who are mindful of their weight or are trying to lose weight for a small price increase. 


Recognized by Our Awesome Planet, we know that their different sushi bake is definitely food for the Gods. If you are feeling adventurous, try out their Aburi Baked Scallop Baked Sushi or their Takoyaki Baked Sushi. Trust us, you won’t regret it because it will be the experience of a lifetime. 


To order, message them on their Facebook Page


PS. Salmon is also the perfect food to have during lent so make sure to order yours soon. 



Sunday, February 21, 2021


From fifteen (15) preliminary contenders joining Mega Prime Quality’s online search for its newest brand ambassador, mom and entrepreneur Connh Cruz emerged as the winner wowing everyone with her amazing creativity, resourcefulness, and great cooking. 

The Prime Mom Search is an online contest launched by Mega Prime in November 2020 that aims to choose the best homemaker to represent the brand and its values. The search consisted of three challenges which were all captured on video – a cooking challenge, a grocery haul challenge, and a three-course meal challenge. Throughout the contest, Connh won the hearts of judges with her skills, versatility, and smart thinking.

“Since we started the Prime Mom Club, we have always been on the lookout for engaging and enriching activities that may bring inspiration and well-deserved recognition to moms. This is the very reason why we launched the Prime Mom Search - to encourage moms to become savvier homemakers and to provide learning opportunities through interactions with fellow moms,” says Chris Fernadez, Marketing Director of Mega Global Corp.
Following her win, Connh Cruz of Malabon City recently signed up as the next #MegaPrimeMomAmbassador, following on the heels of celebrity endorser and Prime Mom Club honorary member Marian Rivera and Chef Rosebud Benitez. The Prime Mom Club is Mega Global’s fast-growing online community of homemakers who share knowledge and learn from each other in their quest to become better at their craft.
Conn, a businesswoman, and a homemaker was chosen among several aspirants who went through a fun but rigorous screening process that entailed showing off their home management and cooking skills.


Thursday, January 28, 2021


Robinsons Hotels and Resorts (RHR) has partnered with The Medical City to provide a seamless and convenient healthcare experience for every Filipino with its Hotel and Travel Care Packages. The Hotel Care Package 1 is recommended to those who plan to have their ECLIA Serological (antibody) test from The Medical City. This antibody test is a highly sensitive and specific chemiluminescent immunoassay test intended for identifying individuals with an adaptive immune response to SARS-CoV-2, indicating recent or prior infection. And since the result will be released within 24 hours, the patient has the option to wait for the results in the comfort of Summit Hotel Magnolia and Go Hotels Ortigas Center, which are 20 minutes and 8 minutes away, respectively, from The Medical City.

For only P4,200 net per person (single occupancy), enjoy an overnight stay in a single room with high-speed Wi-Fi, international and local TV channels. Packed breakfast is included. Just add P2,200 if you wish to stay for another night.

Package 2 (three days/two nights) is priced at P10,000 per person (single occupancy). Stay for two nights in a single room with full board (packed meals), high-speed Wi-Fi connection and international and local TV channels.
This package is ideal to those who are required to take the RT-PCR test, which is considered as the gold standard for confirming the presence of SARS-CoV-2, since the results will be released after two days. Just add Php2,300 net per person (single occupancy) to include private car pickup service from airport to hotel or hotel to airport. This package is designed for OFWs, seafarers and 
balikbayans, who are required to undergo swab test (RT-PCR) and have to wait for their test results and clearance to be able to return home.

Under the new normal, Robinsons Hotels and Resorts has elevated its standard of hygiene and cleanliness protocols with the “Circle of Clean” seal. Based on World Health Organization (WHO) and Department of Health’s new normal protocols, Circle of Clean provides a worry-free stay experience for RHR guests from pre-arrival to post-departure touchpoint implemented in all Go Hotels and Summit Hotels and Resorts around the Philippines.

In times of need, you can always count on your go-to hotels to do what they do best — hospitality. Hospitality is making your guests feel like they’re home.

To avail of the Travel Care Package, call Robinsons Hotels and Resorts at least three days from date of arrival.

For inquiries and reservations, please contact: RHR Happy to Care Hotlines: 0917 888 7788; 0998 888 7788; + 632 8 397 0111; Go Hotels Ortigas Center: +63 (2) 8 531 3585 ; +63 (2) 8 531 3591 ; +63 998 840 1719; Summit Hotel Magnolia: (02) 8 705-6300; 0998-840-3677. Email:

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