Saturday, June 24, 2017


Hello there wisey momsies!!!

Are you like me who is perennially hooked on lifestyle shows?  Aside from the fact that I am a lifestyle blogger and I've handled and written several lifestyle TV shows before... I am a huge fan of lifestyle shows because I get up-to-date info on latest trends --  on beauty, health, fashion, food, travel, science, technology, and the arts that will inform, inspire, and engage people to live out their own life goals and aspirations.

That is why I was uber excited when I received an invite to the press launch of "TRENDING WITH KELLY"!  No lifestyle blogger would let this chance pass of meeting in person model and TV host Kelly Misa-Fernandez as she talks about her latest show.  Knowing the hottest trends is always a part of my list as a blogger :)

Kelly Misa-Fernandez is back to deliver the latest trends and topics concerning today’s generation with the launch of the new show starting July 2, Sunday at 9:30pm on ANC, the ABS-CBN News Channel.

During the press launch dubbed as #TWKMeetsThePress, I got a glimpse of what the lifestyle show has to offer.  Here is the highlight of our intimate talk with Kelly and Chef Myke Tatung Sarthou, who will be handling the show's segment entitled "Food Forward".

In the show’s first episode, Kelly will set sail and open her journey in search for the best things that life can offer. Join her as she takes a sip of the latest trends in wines from Ralph Joseph of Ralph's Wines and Spirits and help her find the latest style in fashion with no less than trending designer Albert Andrada. Also, believe in a healthy and long lasting love life with a romantic story delivered straight from the USA.  


Based from the show's teaser, this is one show worth watching every week.  Kelly, one of the Philippines’ most popular commercial models, who has also made a name as a beauty columnist and lifestyle blogger, will also introduce her co-host and resident food trend expert Chef Myke Tatung Sarthou, more popularly known as Chef Tatung, who is an author, celebrity chef and culinary heritage advocate. Together, they promise to give viewers more reasons to achieve and experience the best and the latest as they travel to our dream destinations, bask in the latest style, and taste our newest cravings.

Catch “Trending with Kelly” every Sunday, 9:30 pm on ANC, the ABS-CBN News Channel, with replays every Saturday at 11:30am. The show is also simulcast around the globe via The Filipino Channel (TFC). 

“Trending with Kelly” is produced by Takels Entertainment Productions in partnership with ANC.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017


A lot of times, I crave for food from my hometown Malabon.  I've been living in Quezon City for nine years now, and there are certain food that I cannot find where I live: 

Tampalin - pork that we fry, like chicharon, that we put in veggie dishes
Seafood treats like paros (that we eat for meryenda, sold like taho) and balay.
Tahure - aged soybean that we crumble as an ingredient to tochong bangus;  or mash then fry with garlic and tomatoes as a side dish to pesa.

Ayan na naman.... I feel my taste buds craving for these.  And the only sure way to satisfy my cravings is to travel an hour or so to Malabon.  Which I cannot do often.

Wouldn't it be great if there is a place where you can order your favorite food, the way it is prepared in your hometown?

Then let's talk about SALU, the Filipino Restaurant owned by the celebrity couple, Romnick Sarments and Harlene Bautista. It opened its doors to the hungry Manilenyos to provide authentic treats from parts of the Philippines.  The couple did immersions in different provinces just to get the authenticity of certain dishes.

Saturday, June 17, 2017


 SCENE 1:             MRS.WISE'S CRIB.                   3PM.                PRESENT.

It's friday afternoon,  and we don't have anything to cook for dinner. We do once a week grocery, but this time, supply was depleted rather early onto the week.  Picked up the schoolbooks this morning, and passed by the neighborhood resto for sweet and sour fish fillet.  

Then I panicked.  What are we going to have for dinner?

Rummaged through the freezer, and there I saw.... (sound effects of drum roll, and spotlight on.  Hahaha.... my imagination just runs wild when I am in a panic mode) --- Angus Beef Salpicao, Angus Premium Lean Tapa, Angus Original Tapa, and Spicy Angus Tapa!!!  All USDA certified and ready to cook products.  Oh wow, it's gonna be an exciting Friday dinner after all.  

And where did I get these wonderful premium products?  Let's backtrack a little....

SCENE 2:             FLASHBACK.            MRS.WISE'S CRIB.

I was invited to this food/business blog event.  At first, I was hesitant to join... what do I know about business?  Not much.  But when I was told that the client was JAM Foods & Co, I finally said yes.

WHY?  First, it was a food related business.  It is something that will benefit my readers who are predominantly misis looking for home based business that would contribute to their family's finances.  Second, the business is owned by a prominent chef.  Third, a lot of people have been raving about the products -- so it has a lot of potential as far as business is concerned.

So there.... off I go to Makati to be a part of an intimate food business session with JAM Foods & Co.

And there I was, with my dependable lumix having a grand time
taking photos of the awesome food served to us!


Let's reveal the 3 W's!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Been living for 9 years in the area of Don Antonio in Quezon City.  But have not really explored the vicinity that well.  Apart from frequenting the grocery area, pet stores and several fruit stalls.... never really checked out the place for a family food trip.

Oh well... that's my loss, I have to admit.  Because I didn't know that I am really missing out on the opportunity to experience what Don Antonio Drive, Barangay Holy Spirit has to offer as far as food is concerned.  

And what a delight to have been invited to the launch of one of the most popular cafes in the area ---  5 LOAVES & 2 FISH!

What I have heard so far:   from a college friend who lives now in the area, reacted in my IG post!


And from co-parents from my kids' school, also located in the area:   It's our favorite tambay place.  Nice ambience, nakaka-relax!"

So need I say more when I say... I am super super excited to finally have a taste of what 5 LOAVES & 2 FISH has to offer!  Here is MrsWise Foodie Experience!

Saturday, June 10, 2017


 Quezon painting by National Artist Fernando Amorsolo  

There are several reasons why I am inspired by Quezon. My eldest was born on August 19, Quezon City day.  It is perhaps a sign that 9 years after she was born, we found our true home in Quezon City.  And one of the most memorable scripts that I have written was for Manuel L. Quezon Gawad Parangal, which I wrote for two years.

Researching and writing for Gawad Parangal led me to some of Pres. Quezon's valuable historical legacy.  One, on how he helped rescued thousands of Jews.  And two, how he envisioned to make Quezon City as the "new Metropolis for the working class".

Quezon's operative words were:  positive vision and helping others.  The same words embedded in the mission vision of the Manuel L. Quezon University.   

In 2016, MLQU found its new home in Quezon City.  MLQU School for Professional Advancement and Continuing Education (MLQU SPACE) located on Edsa, near the MRT-Kamuning station.