Friday, October 9, 2020


2020 has been a tough year for all of us with the pandemic that is still going on, turning everyone’s lives upside down. Despite the predicament that we are facing, Filipinos still manifest that unrelenting spirit of resilience and optimism. Upholding these values, Century Park Hotel Manila (CPH) commemorates its 44th anniversary this year with a hopeful heart that in no time, these four fondest and sublime moments will all take shape again.      

Narrowing down the list to only four was extremely hard since all those years were replete with countless memories that made the hotel a hive of joyful activities and life milestones.  We would have wanted to spend this special occasion with you since we already miss the warmth of your presence and the pleasure of socializing but for now, let us take you to a trip down memory lane.      

1. Christmas Tree Lighting  It is that time of the year again! 

The lighting of the Giant Christmas Tree at the Atrium Lounge has been a tradition at the hotel for a long time. This magical ceremony led by the owner Dr. Lucio Tan and his wife Carmen Tan has been highly anticipated every year not only by its employees but also by every hotel goer.      

The fabulous ornaments and decorations all over this masterpiece evoke that happy yuletide feeling making the Atrium Lounge ideal for merrymaking during this season. Being a feast on the eyes, every guest just loves taking photos with this magnificent creation in the background. It is no wonder why our Instagram bursts with notifications and tags during this time.      

2. Wedding, Birthday Celebrations and Other Events      

For a lot of couples, Century Park Hotel was where their road to forever started off. With 14 fabulously-appointed function rooms, CPH has been a witness to colorful and significant life events through the years. With the classy setup of the hotel’s venues adorned further by the stylists, every occasion is truly one for the books.     


Birthdays are always a blast at Century Park Hotel with all the exciting deals and offerings at the hotel’s dining outlets every year. In fact, even the very dynamic Yorme Francisco Isko Moreno once paid a visit at the hotel to celebrate his special day.     

This month of September could have also been the commencement of the annual Miss Earth pageant. In the past three years, the hotel has been a home to some of the Earth warriors from all over the world and hosted some of the major activities of the pageant such as the National Costume Presentation. Nothing is as grand as seeing these ladies showing off so much glamor but at the same time gathering for a great cause.      

3. Staycations and Recreations  

Our doors are still closed for staycations and we cannot help but reminisce those days when we welcome you at the reception with beaming smiles. Century Park Hotel is known for its excellent service that is true to the brand of Filipino hospitality. A lot of guests, both local and foreign, already fell in love with the hotel’s cozy atmosphere and the warm accommodation of our staff. It gets them coming back.      

Leisurely activities are also part of the package. The pool and jacuzzi in the hotel have been the go-to spot of stay-in guests where they can have a quick getaway at the heart of the city. We also feel energized as we think back to those workouts and fun exercises you enjoyed doing at our Fitness Center.      

With the inquiries we have been receiving, we know that you already miss the relaxing and leisurely staycations. Hang on tight as we prepare a hotel experience that is attuned to the new normal.      

4. Limitless Food Options  

Four dining outlets each with something unique to offer made Century Park Hotel a culinary haven for all foodies over the years. For Japanese food cravings, there is nowhere to go but Century Tsukiji Restaurant known for serving award-winning cuisines and delectable inventions. To satisfy your sweet tooth, the Deli Snack has been concocting the best breads, cakes and pastries in town.      

Good times never stop at the hotel’s Atrium Lounge with its lineup of classic cocktails, beverages and other scrumptious bites. Who will even forget the savory platters of meat and other luscious cuisines at the Cafe in the Park?     

For now, you may enjoy your classic favorites at the Atrium Lounge as well as avail of our Food On-The-Go selections at but soon enough, there will be more on the table.     

Memories come flooding back as we continue revisiting the past and it only gets us missing them all the more.  However, on our 44th anniversary, Century Park Hotel is delighted to say that this very special occasion marks the beginning of a merrier time ahead because some things will be coming back before you know it.      

If you have been at Century Park Hotel, you should also have your own beautiful story to tell which we would love to hear. Share this, mention Century Park Hotel and use the hashtag #CenturyParkHotelat44.   

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