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October is World Chicken and Egg Day. Why I am excited?  

One, our family is a big fan of eggs, most especially organic eggs. Recently, we also starting to try the "cage-free" variety - which came from hens that were raised outside the cage. If hens were allowed to roam freely and eat a natural diet, the benefits will surely be passed to end consumers.

Two, we also love chicken. Funny, that the four members of the family has specific preference as far as chicken parts are concerned. The hubby likes the breast part. I love wings and neck. The teens like the drumstick. Given the choice between pork and chicken, we choose chicken! Next to seafood and fish, of course.

Lastly, I always look forward to Bounty Fresh's celebration of World Chicken and Egg day, because they always throw a fun, family-oriented event - that is ideal for the family to bond.


Bounty Fresh the leading provider of chicken and premium egg products celebrated OctoberFresh, the brand's third annual celebration of World Chicken and Egg Day. The event, which was exclusively organized by Bounty Fresh in the country, stays true to its original goal when it was first celebrated here in 2017 - to raise awareness about the nutritional value of eggs and other chicken products as well as build appreciation for their contribution to our everyday diet.  Specifically, Bounty Fresh advocates for consumers to develop the habit of selecting quality and freshness when shopping, qualities that their #LakingFarmFresh products have.

Bounty Fresh, the sole provider of #LakingFarmFresh chickens, is the perfect player to head the campaign. The brand produces blemish-free eggs and other breaded products that are strictly produced using only state-of-the-art, ISO-certified technology and processes. This year though, the brand promises to make the event bigger with its #ChickyMinute campaign - digital series of films that follows the adventure of the brand's ambassador Chicky. Chicky celebrated the first birthday of her "Eggy" last October 12, which is also the highlight activity of this year's World Chicken and Egg Day.

Ms. Patricia Cheng-Lim, Assistant Vice President for Marketing of Bounty Fresh shared,   "our yearly OctoberFresh is dedicated to our customers who continuously patronize our products. As a brand, we take our commitment to continuously bring happiness to Filipino families so we have prepared a day full of fun and surprises that everyone can enjoy."

In addition to Chicky who was first introduced last year, Bounty Fresh also brought in a new ambassador who will make her new adventures much more interesting. Helping Chicky throw the perfect birthday party for Eggy is celebrity mom Jolina Magdangal.

Eggy's Wonderful First Birthday was full of exciting events like the Star Hatchievers which invited participants to showcase their one of a kind talents. 

There were also deals and prizes for the attendees. Several raffle draws were held including a grand prize of Php100,000 tax free.  

"Every family deserves to be laking Farm Fresh. We highly encourage everyone to be more discerning of their choices. So let's revive the tradition of home cooking with our fresh take on what's best for our family through the guaranteed quality, safety and freshness of our Bounty Fresh Products.

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