Wednesday, May 1, 2019


It is the first day of May -- and in the Philippines, May is the month of flowers.   Where colorful and vivid blossoms BLOOMS everywhere.  May is also the peak of summer where fruits abound. 

But there is a new "bloom" that I am excited about!  Althea's A'Bloom >> the newest, cutest and most refreshing product to touch your skin this summer!


I think you can never go wrong with using fruit/veggie based beauty products. Fruits and veggies are always good for our health. It is a perfect way to pamper and take good care of your skin

The lemon and lime ingredient will make dark spots and skin dullness go away. Who can argue with the power of Vitamin C to boost your skin's health. Perfect for people who don't want mask sheets with sticky feeling. If Vitamin C boosts your immune system, Vitamin C in Sparkle-Me-Bright mask will make your skin bright and even skin tones.

Avocado is my favorite summer fruit. I call it a "superfood" because this fruit is packed with nutrients and antioxidants. Summer in the Philippines can be harmful to the skin because of the heat and dust - so among the four mask variants, this is my favorite. Regular use prevent wrinkles and dry skin. 

When summer temperature can go as high as 40 degrees - you must keep your body hydrated. Drink lots of water. Or eat fruits that are high in water content - like watermelon. So imagine what this Water-Me-Long mask can do to your skin -- instant hydration and its lavender ingredient has a calming effect. 

Is your skin irritated and sensitive? Then I highly recommend this Ac-Me-Peach mask because of its anti-blemish power. The blend of vitamin A in peach and tea tree oil extract helps balance oil and moisture to get that soothing feeling on your skin.

What is more exciting, you can get these fruity mask sheets for only Php20 at Althea. There is also a promo you have to take advantage of. Just apply the promo code ABMASKS upon checkout to avail of the GET 10-10 sheet masks. 


Part of the latest Althea Box that came is the BHA Blackhead Blaster.  I know that the problem with blackheads, it is quite painful to remove it. With all the pricking involve - ouchie!  

With the BHA Blackhead Blaster, all you need to do is to cleanse your face (remove makeup residue), apply the BHA Blackhead Blaster to problem areas and massage thoroughly, then rinse off with lukewarm water. So easy peasy!  All you need is an average of 1 minute!  


Lastly, the A'Bloom Giant and Baby Meringue puffs. They are so cute to look at, that you might be confused if its a sponge or a dessert :)

But these cuties will do your skin wonders -- for your everyday makeup application.

Perfect for beginners, but I am sure, the makeup experts will love these puffs. Just a reminder, puffs should be replaced after 1-3 months of use.

So my verdict on Althea's latest A'Bloom products: the masks were all very refreshing on my skin when I tested it. The BHA Blackhead Blaster worked perfectly when my teens used it, blackheads gone in an instant. 

Kuddos to Althea for always coming up with innovative beauty products that deliver its promise!!!  

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  1. Hi Mrs.Wise ang gaganda ng products ng Althea lalo n yung BHA blackhead blaster so easy to use pati Mask Sheets ang fresh gamitin sa face 😊👍