Thursday, March 21, 2019


If you are following this humble blog of mine, alam na ninyo how I love gardening. The concept of "farm to table" excites me!  That is why I grow veggies and herbs in my garden. I also have fruit trees - atis and guyabano that have yielded me hundreds of fruits in the last 3 years. My avocado tree has yet to give me my first harvest. But I am patiently waiting. So with my kaimito. There's also a guava seedling patiently waiting to be planted.

I think our country is blessed with good soil - that is why it is very easy to grow fruit trees. Where I live, I can still see lots of mature mango trees. In the provinces, every backyard has a mango tree to boast of -- mapa piko, kalabaw o indian mango man yan. We enjoy it ripe or unripe with bagoong.

Filipinos just love MANGOES.  

And there is a new place where you can get the juiciest, most succulent and sweetest mangoes -- crafted into dessert perfection!


Originally from Hong Kong, Hui Lau Shan has been making the world swoon over the sensational taste of its mango creations. That includes countries like China, Malaysia, South Korea, Macau, Taiwan, and Vietnam Canada as well as developed cities like Paris and Melbourne. What's makes its taste close to the Filipinos is that the brand has been using premium Philippines carabao mangoes to delight its customers worldwide. 

Now through Fat Daddy's Group, Hui Lau Shan is bringing our pride back to the Philippines with its first store and many future branches to take over the country. 

And I was invited to their media launch.  Hui Lau Shan's flagship store is located at SM Megamall Atrium Level 4.  The brand is globally known for using Philippine carabao mangoes in its deliciously rich range of dessert creations and refreshments, which makes it a huge hit in many parts of the world.  A bit of a trivia, the government calls carabao mango, "Manila Super Mango" when they export it abroad. 

"The grand launching of our first store is about celebrating the homecoming of our pride, the Philippine carabao mangoes. Plus, enjoying the taste of Hui Lau Shan mango treats is also a simple way of supporting our local agribusiness because the brand is expected to consume one ton of mangoes for 10 to 15 stores a week,” Freshnaida Versoza, President and CEO of Fat Daddy's Group.

Hui Lau Shan will also be opening new stores in UP Town Center, Eastwood, SM Fairview, SM North, Promenade Mall and SM Mall of Asia this 2019. In three years, its first store in Cebu will be launched to deliver the taste of our world-popular carabao mangoes closer to more Filipinos. 


Hui Lau Shan brought a huge smile on my face that day. Their mango desserts were really delish!

Another reason for my big smile -- saw my neighbor-friend Julius Babao, also enjoying the treats at Hui Lau Shan.  To be continued our chikahan on urban gardening :)  

And more reason to smile -- head over to SM Megamall Atrium – Level 4 on March 23, 2019 (Saturday) to experience real Philippine carabao mango goodness and get a chance to win amazing rewards.

The first buyer will win one-year supply of Hui Lau Shan mango drink or dessert, while the 2nd buyer will enjoy six months supply. Three months supply will be awarded to the 3rd to 5th buyers, while the 6th to 10th buyer will get one-month supply.

On March 23, first 200 customers can indulge Hui Lau Shan’s famous drinks (mango mania series) in real mango goodness for only Php50.00. 

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