Thursday, September 6, 2018


Homecoming... It was such an intriguing concept for me, when I saw Coke Studio Ph's invitation for its 2nd season.


So please allow this blogger to look back into the past, as far as her love for OPM is concerned. Where have I been, and what have contributed to OPM.

It all started in college, when I had, as a subject for my thesis project -- the APO. We drove all the way to Alabang, Caloocan and Katipunan to interview them individually. It was definitely worth all the hard work. Thesis done, and I gained 3 new friends (actually idols). I never, in my life imagined, that they will soon be my bosses. It was writing for the musical Sunday show "Sa Linggo nAPO Sila" that paved the way for my writing career. Yes, it was my first job. It strengthened my love for OPM. I wrote hundred of scripts, and all those scripts focused on OPM and awesome Filipino artists! 

After that, I became a groupie. Hahaha!  I watched a lot of gigs. Tumambay sa napakaraming bars!  I was fascinated with Barbie Almalbis. Then it was Sugarfree. At this point, aside from supporting the local band scene by watching their gigs, I collected several CD's (nung una cassette tapes pa) of these two artists.

Last year, I was supposed to attend the first season Concert Launch of Coke Studio Ph. But I had an emergency to attend to, and was literally heartbroken because I knew, Ebe Dancel was a part of it.  Last season, Coke brought together veteran artists and budding musicians, Coke Studio Homecoming calls Filipino artists who have shared their talents to the world to return to their roots and bridges them with homegrown talents who have yet to stand on the international stage. And I fell in love with Ebe's collaboration with Autotelic!!!

So attending this year's Coke Studio Ph Concert launch was a homecoming of sorts -- it brought me back to my first love -- OPM music and the concert scene!  Reunited with the bright lights and unified bodies dancing to a single beat.  




This year, Coca-Cola connects to Filipino teens once again as Coke Studio PH returns to make them feel at home with the familiar sounds of OPM, giving them an avenue to show their love and support for local music.   

For its second season,  Coke Studio Homecoming calls Filipino artists who have shared their talents to the world to return to their roots and bridges them with homegrown talents who have yet to stand on the international stage.  

From this colorful mix of talented Filipino singers and bands, Coke Studio Homecoming will feature groundbreaking, new collaborations between artists, as well as unique renditions of their original songs.  First episode this Sunday, September 16, 11:15am before ASAP!


While uniting teens through music, Coca-Cola takes it a step further by enabling them to do their part for a greater cause. This year, Coca-Cola announced an industry-first goal to collect and recycle the equivalent of every bottle or can it sells globally by 2030—a goal in line with the Company’s vision of a World Without Waste. This is why during all Coke Studio events, Coca-Cola encourages teens to deposit their PET bottles in designated recycling bins.  The Coke Studio TuneCycle, a stationary bicycle that also grinds PET bottles, will also be a staple in Coke Studio events. These ground PET bottles will later on be turned into eco-bricks.


My teens also got my love for music. Going to this event, we were not informed on who are the performers for season 2. It was only revealed on the event. So when I got home, my son asked me, "Bakit di mo sinabi na may IV of Spades?"  Only then did I realize, that music can bridge the gap between generations. My teens love the music I listen to. And I think its about time I also listen to their music. Its definitely time, to listen to what Coke Studio Ph Homecoming has to offer! And hope to watch it with my teens! And watch live my fave Ben&Ben!

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