Monday, March 12, 2018


I heard something funny over dinner the other night:

ME:    Kakain na tayo nag protein shake ka pa?
DAUGHTER:   Eh I just finished working out. I need my protein shake!
ME:  Talaga?   (complete with eyes rolling)
DAUGHTER:   Yup. Papa said the other night, we need our beach bodies. Pati siya nagwo-work out din!
ME:   (sounds of crickets and more eyes rolling)  OMG!

This is my crazy family come summer time. They suddenly become body conscious. My son, you wouldn't believe, will just enter the bedroom and blurts out "Mama, do you have a whitening soap?"  Oh my.... 


Ok. Let's be serious.  With only a few weeks till vacation -- I don't think we can achieve as a family a beach-ready-with-6-pack-abs-body!  So what I will share with you my dear readers -- is my latest discovery as far as -- skin whitening is concerned.

A lot of my friends get insecure showing off some skin during summer.  Because of ugly dark spots, especially in the knee and elbow area.  If you can lighten it a bit, why not? 


SRP:  249.00

Is a paraben-free whitening lotion for pigmented elbows and knees.  It has Microwhyte Moisture technology from Japan that promises whitening and smoothening of rough areas.

What I like about it:  I love its distinct gentle baby smell that remains on the skin for a long time.  It is NOT sticky and actually and leaves a light and smooth feeling to the skin instantly  (lotions tend to give sticky and yucky feeling when applied during summer).  


SRP:  55.00

Its kindda cute.  Shaped like an egg!  It is made from real egg whites.  And just like egg whites, it helps tighten and brighten skin.  

What I like about it:  Again I love the gentle smell, not so overpowering. It also has a rich, creamy lather that leaves the skin soft even on the first application.  

Momshies (and daddies too) -- will keep you posted on this blog article if both products will live up to its promise of "whitening".  Like any other beauty products, you will not see the effects with one time use. You just have to put in a little effort, use it daily for a couple of weeks, and hope that it works!

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