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Hi dear Ka-Wise Momshies... and daddy readers too  :)

If you have been following my blog, I know you have an idea of what I do... as a freelance writer, as a blogger, as an advocate of green and sustainable living and how I love to discover and help Pinoy start-ups and SME's.

But in this article, I will tell you more about Mrs.Wise -- as a fashionista!  Oh wait!  I am not being nagpapaka-millenial with my OOTDs here.  Hahaha!  Let me explain further.... 


I come from an industry, that based from my experience, never put much emphasis on clothes.  The most important thing, is to finish the work and beat deadlines. And yes, it is a very fast paced world. Where revisions on TV programs can hit you in the face so fast... you were preparing for a TV shoot 20 minutes ago, and then you will receive a text message that everything is scrapped and you are back on the drawing board.

So when I dress for work -- I try to wear the most comfortable clothes that will enable me to adjust to sudden work changes, sometimes 24-48 hours of straight shoot... or be ready to  travelling to different locations to finish a task.  Life in TV production is always a battle! So my fashion choices --- clothes that are always ready for some action!  Funny though... I always end up wearing black, the standard color of clothes in TV Production!

But I have to admit, that there were times I needed to exert extra effort to dress up a bit. These were the times when I needed to work with certain dignitaries and VIPs.  I needed to look professional yet retain that flexibility to move around and be active!


Then I shifted into blogging.  Been blogging for close to two years now.  When I started blogging, I just wrote about personal experiences and interests.  But as my blogging life progressed, invites to media launches and press conferences came in frequently - where I got to mingle with fellow bloggers, people from PR / Marketing and respected brands/clients.

I am slowly realizing the real importance of clothes. I am now learning the value of dressing up and fixing myself to at least look presentable when going to events and meeting new people. Its not really about how expensive my clothes are, or are they the current trend!  It is knowing what looks good on me, what flatters my body type;  classic designs that won’t fade through time.  

The way I look, say a lot about my "brand".  And yes, as a blogger, I am my own brand. The clothes that I wear give me the confidence in my everyday life as a lifestyle blogger.  My chosen style reflects my mood and over-all well being. Hey... I want to exude my happy mommy blogger persona!  Life is short... we should always feel happy and promote positive, good vibes!  And I would like to believe that clothes don't only affect what others think of us... it definitely affect what we think of ourselves.


I used to hear my nanay, saying this line whenever I make pa japorms in college.  "O anak, pusturang pustura ka ah!  Anong okasyon!"  So I guess... postura connotes dressing up for Filipinos like us.  Its really the way you carry your style!

As a mommy lifestyle blogger, I like wearing -- local brands that promotes Filipino ingenuity and craftsmanship!

Chillbynooks Knitted jacket that makes me appreciate Pinoy art and culture

Another ChillbyNooks creation, inspired by traditional hand-woven design

  • Clothes that show and promote our Filipino heritage.  Hey, I am proud to wear Filipino designs that showcase local craftsmanship.  Magaling at creative talaga ang mga Filipinos!
  • Clothes that show vibrant colours.  It simply makes me happy! And hoping to spread that "happiness" to people that I meet.
  • Clothes that I can wear in various occasions. Outfits for "day-to-night wear" are very practical for a mommy like me!  And clothes that you can wear in so many ways!
  • Knitwear.  Made from delicate fabric that is oh-so-chic and very feminine.  Hey, do you know that if you take good care of your knitwears, it can last you for years!  You can consider it as heirloom pieces, you can hand me down to your kids  :)


Speaking of taking good care of my clothes, so it can last for years for me to enjoy....  my idea of power dressing is surprisingly very much aligned to the innovations and technology of the Electrolux Washing Machine. 
  • Because I don't buy clothes that often, now I am ensured that my favorite clothes look newer for longer.  By using the unique UltraMix™ Technology, water is pre-mixed with the detergent and activated even in cold water, ensuring a deep yet gentle clean.  In the long run... you save a lot of money by not frequently shopping.
  • With Electrolux Vapour Refresh program I will get wrinkle-free clothes with less ironing hassle. So perfect for my "on-the-go-active-lifestyle"!  It refreshes clothes, leaving them smelling fresh and looking like new.
  • As a mommy with so many things running thru my head (budgeting, reviewing my teens, maintaining a household, tending to my organic garden), I need a machine intelligent enough to be my super partner in washing.  The Electrolux Load Sensor automatically senses load weight, determines optimal washing time water and detergent while guaranteeing maximum energy efficiency.  Doing my laundry now becomes really hassle free!  Hey all moms like that!
  • As I have said, as an advocate of green and sustainable living, I rave about Electrolux EcoInverter for it reduces energy consumption by 75% while guaranteeing long lasting performance and silent operation.
  • As a self-confessed asthmatic (and sadly it runs in the family), Electrolux Vapour Care may greatly improve my health for it reduces allergens by up to 99.9% even at 40C.
  • Lastly, this machine answers my Knitwear laundry concern!  The Woolmark Apparel Care certifies the gentlest treatment and care of hand-wash only woolens.  So cool, I don't need to hand wash my knitwears!  And I am assured that their vibrant colours last longer!

This is what #FashionCare is all about.  Its all about taking care of our clothes, for they are valuable investments really.  It is all about keeping our clothes looking newer for long. 

Style Icon and creative guru Rajo Laurel tells us the importance of choosing the right washing machine for taking good care of clothes!

If you are intrigued with how powerful this washing machine is, you can learn more about the #ElectroluxFashionCare HERE

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